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How to Talk to a Girl you like


If only you knew how to talk to a girl you like, everything would be perfect! It’s taking that first step that’s the hardest part. These dating tips will get you up to speed with how to talk to girls and get them attracted to you without embarrassing yourself or allowing anything else awkward from happening.

You need to break a few eggs to make an omelette

 Many guys stay stuck, searching for the perfect pick up line or the perfect thing to say to a girl forever. Unfortunately during that time, other guys will have approached, attracted and seduced her. The hardest thing to do is actually to work up the nerve to approach her and tell her how you feel. But once you do, you will at least know where you stand. So if there is one piece of dating advice you should take from this article it is this: Taking no action will result in not getting the girl you like. Taking some action gives you a chance with the girl you like.

Keep it Casual

Guys always think or believe that they need something funny, cool and charming to say when figuring out how to talk to a girl you like. You don’t. If you did say something funny, cool and charming to a girl, then she will probably know that you are trying to pick her up. Instead, the next time you 2 happen to be close to each other, say “Hi” and ask her, “What you up to?” This is just normal conversation. Using some cheesy pick up line like, “Hey baby, let’s grab a drink sometime,” will only make her think that you’re a creep. By keeping it casual she will see you as a normal, non-sleazy guy.

After the initial “Hi”

 After saying “hi” to her a few times, you now need to be seen as an attractive guy in her eyes. You can achieve this by being a fun guy, someone who is social and has friends. This means going out to parties and doing activities where you get to meet other people and are seen as a cool guy. It’s best to chat up the girl you like at a party as if things don’t go well, then most likely she won’t remember it. Trying to chat her up during the day though doesn’t usually work as well.

How to attract the girl you like

Once you actually are talking with the girl you like, it’s time to start doing things that attract her. You need to flirt with her, tease her and banter with her. All these things will make her more attracted to you and want to hook up with you. Check out the Pick Up Artist guide or these Dating Tips for Guys for more great info.

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