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How To Talk Dirty

This introduction on how to talk dirty was written
with the help of the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter

Learning how to talk dirty to a guy is actually pretty easy.

Here’s the basic formula

how to talk dirty

This easy to use formula for talking dirty to a guy means that…

-You don’t have to sound like a crazy p*rnstar

-You don’t need an endless list of things to say

-Once you know the basics, which we’ll go into more detail below, it’s easy and quick to come up with tons of raunchy and dirty things to say.

Now, going in depth into the Bad Girl’s Bible formula for talking dirty to your man would talk far to long for just one page (luckily it’s free and you can check it out here). For now, here are the 2 most important rules:

It’s All About Pleasure

This is the most crucial aspect of learning how to talk dirty. Everything you say must be rooted in pleasure. How good it feels, how great tastes, how awesome it smells, etc.

Nothing turns a man off faster than something that is not pleasurable.

So what are some specific examples of things that you can say to a guy that are all about pleasure?

“That feels really good.”

“I love it when you kiss me there.”

“F***, that feels good.”

“You’re making me really wet.”

These are just some very basic (and tame) examples of what you could say to your man. We literally can’t print some of the things that the Bad Girl’s Bible recommends.

If you are wondering what exactly the Bad Girl’s Bible is, it’s a completely free guide to talking dirty (including specific examples and article after article of wonderful tips). It will also teach you everything from becoming great in bed to giving great blowjobs as well as dating and keeping a great man, all without the bulls*** you so often find in magazines.

Make It All About Him

All men have egos. Some bigger than others. Learning how to talk dirty is a great way for you and your man to enjoy sex even more than usual, while also massaging his ego.

So how can you make it all about him?


Just use his name when you are talking dirty. Instead of saying;

“That feels really good.”


“That feels really good, John [or whatever your boyfriends name is].”

The easiest way to use your man’s name is to just hum with pleasure and say his name,

“Mmmmmmmm…John [or whatever your boyfriends name is].”

Obviously there is far more to learning how to use dirty talk to arouse your man. It’s not just the words after all. If you’d like to learn for free, then you should check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter.
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