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How To Sexually Satisfy Your Man Always

Written with the help of the
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Sexually satisfying your man every time takes work.

But so does everything worth anything.

The key to truly making sure that your man is always satisfied in bed is constantly learning new tips, tactics, techniques and tricks. Inside and outside of the bedroom.

To achieve this, you need to follow 2 important rules. These rules are woven together. You can’t have one without the other. It’s something that the Bad Girl’s Bible teaches in depth.


If you only ever have sex at night, in the bedroom or at the same time everyday, then things are going to get boring fast.

A boring sex life is closely related to cheating.

So what can you do if you want to introduce variation as part of your sex life? The free Bad Girl’s newsletter is a good start. But for the time being, start looking into the following areas:

This is easy.

Try changing from the bedroom to the living room, bathroom, kitchen and beyond (just remember to stay legal!).

Grab your man the minute he comes home from work and take him to the bedroom.

Stop him in the morning on the way to work, when he’s at the door.

The next time you are at a party together, grab him and take him to a free bedroom.

Try New Things
This refers to every aspect of your sex life. Not just sex, but oral sex, sensual massage and what you wear. Everything.
  • -Try using toys
  • -Try watching a blue movie together
  • -Try new positions
  • -Try wearing sexy lingerie
  • -Try taking things much slower than normal
  • -Try having more quickies
This list is not very specific, it’s just an outline. If you want to learn specific tactics then you should check out the free Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter.


Sounds cheesy, right? We’re not registered therapists at Real Dating Tips, but good communication is key to keeping your sex life interesting, More importantly, it’s key to keeping your sex life satisfying.


You need to find out what works (and keep using it).

You need to discard what doesn’t work.

But how do you get your partner to open up about this stuff? Especially if he is shy or conservative?

Go First + Just Do It

Talking about wanting to try new things first is a great psychological trick to get your partner to open up about what he wants to try.

But what if he doesn’t open up?

JUST DO IT. Just take control and try it. The worst he can say is no.

If you want to learn specific sexual techniques and strategies for sexually satisfying your man every single time, then check out the free Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter. It has 100’s of specific tips and techniques that you can use tonight.
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