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How to Satisfy a Man Sexually

Knowing how to satisfy a man sexually in the bedroom is an awesome skill to have if you want to keep him around in your life. Click here to learn how to really satisfy him sexually. Many girls think that in order to satisfy their guy properly they need to act like a pornstar in the bedroom. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The best way to satisfy a man sexually is to give him almost everything in the bedroom. What you want to do is ‘almost’ be a tease. If you did act like a pornstar and gave your boyfriend everything, you would find that he would quickly grow bored of you, as he has gotten everything he wanted. However by not giving him everything in the bedroom, you will keep him wondering what there is to come.

So keep this in mind at all times when you are making love or having sex with your guy. While using this as your overarching framework there are also a few specific techniques that you can use to keep him happy in the bedroom.

Use foreplay techniques on him to spice up your lovemaking

Sounds crazy, right? Guys don’t normally like foreplay, but by doing things like massaging him and kissing him for half and hour to an hour before sex, you will make him crave it a whole lot more. So when you do eventually start having intercourse, he will be ready to explode.

Wear seductive clothing

When learning how to satisfy a man sexually, you will find that wearing seductive clothing is an awesome way to titillate your man and get his mind thinking about you.

Now you may be thinking that wearing next to nothing is the best way to excite him. It can be. BUT (and it’s a pretty big but), he will grow pretty bored of you if that’s all you wear. You also risk been labelled by him as the ‘girl who wears no clothes’. Instead it’s better to wear clothes that are semi-revealing. That is clothes that reveal a little but not everything so that your man will always be wondering and thinking about you.

So as you learn how to satisfy your man in bed, you’ll find that it’s a good idea to be sexually open, but that by holding back just a little bit, you will leave your guy wanting and wondering about you.

If you have found this short guide helpful, then you will be pleased to learn that it is based on this guy’s book. He is certainly an sex expert or ‘sexpert’ and has been featured on Oprah and in Cosmo! Click here to find out more.

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