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How to Satisfy a Man in Bed

Knowing how to satisfy a man in bed can be the key to a long lasting healthy relationship between you and your guy. This guide will show you how. When you first start dating someone where there is mutual attraction, the freshness of the relationship is usually enough when you are think of how to satisfy him. However as the relationship progresses, he may start getting bored, especially in the bedroom if you can’t think up of new ways to satisfy him. Luckily these tips will help you keep on satisfying him for years to come.


This is the first tip because it’s the most important. You will never really know if you are satisfying the man you are dating, unless you communicate effectively with him. You don’t want to ask him directly what he wants or what will satisfy him as most likely he will clam up and not tell you.

Instead you need to approach this by being the first person to bring up the idea. All it takes is telling him what you would like to try or do differently. While saying this, gauge his reaction. If he likes hearing your ideas, even a little bit, then ask him what he would like to try.

Be Encouraging

Your man may be quite shy (most men are) when asked about their fantasies or what they would like you to do differently, so it’s crucial that you are fully supportive of him and encourage him to tell you what he would like to try or do.
On top of this you must also truly be open to trying new things.

Keep a balance

Learning how to satisfy your man in bed will do wonders for your relationship, but it’s also important that you are also left satisfied, so make sure that when discussing how to satisfy each other that your needs are met also. To find out the ultimate way to satisfy your man, click here.

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