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How to Pleasure a Woman


Knowing how to pleasure a woman is like holding the key to the entire female race! This article will show you exactly how (but you can still check out the Love Making Tips section of How to Eat Out a Girl for more great advice and tips).

Now there are a few important facts that you first need to take into account before you set out on your journey to making women have screaming orgasms.

Women don’t get turned on the same way as men do. Imagine a light switch and a dimmer knob. Men are like light switches. They can get turned on almost instantly. Women are more like dimmer knobs when it comes to sex and lovemaking. They get turned on gradually. So remember for a guy, he can be totally aroused in 10 seconds but a girl could take up to 45 minutes to get turned on.

This is absolutely crucial to keep in mind!

On top of this, men and women get turned on by different things. Men are aroused mostly through what they see.

Women get aroused through a combination of things:

>How the guy they are with makes them feel.

>Where they are (Are they in crummy apartment or at in an extravagant bedroom of a beautiful house?)

>What they see.

>What they are touching.

Now that you understand that it is difficult for a woman to get turned just by what she sees and that it takes time for her to get aroused, you understand that learning how to pleasure a woman requires you to think a bit differently.

1. As it takes so long for a woman to become properly aroused, it’s important to start turning her on way before you get to the bedroom. This will make her enjoy you pleasuring her much, much more. So it can be something as simple as telling your wife/girlfriend/partner that you have something naughty planned for her for later, but that she has to wait to see what it is. Or it could be something a bit raunchier like telling her not to wear any underwear when you go out shopping with her.

2. Next you have to set the scene. This means that you must set up where you are going to have sex so that it’s erotic and turns your girl on. It could be something as simple as lighting incense or candles or just throwing a t-shirt over a lamp to give a nice, dim glow to the room. Or you can go crazy and spread rose petals on the bed and get some heart shaped pillows. Or you could plan to get down to sex somewhere besides the bedroom. The key is a bit of preparation.

3. Once you are both together where you plan to have sex, it’s time to start arousing her (getting her aroused is key to learning how to pleasure a woman). First you can offer to give her a massage or foot rub. Then it’s time to move on to kissing her everywhere all over her body as you slowly remove her clothes.

After about 5-15 minutes of this, start kissing her on her lips while running your hands up and down her body making sure to massage her more sensitive areas.

4. Then you need to move on to first massaging her breasts (all you need to do is gently apply pressure and stroke them). After a little bit of this you then need to start stimulating her vagina. Do this by first rubbing her on the outside of her vagina and then once she is wet enough, stick your fingers inside her and apply gentle pressure and rub the inside.

You need to perform step 4 for between 5-30 minutes. Her breathing is a good sign of how you are doing. If her breathing has increased and becomes deeper then you are doing a good job and she is getting turned on and you can be positive that you are pleasing her.

5. The last step is actually entering her and having sex. Check out some of these Love Making Positions for some great sex tips when it comes to pleasing your woman.

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