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How to please your man

You think you know how to please your man? There are some obvious and some not so obvious techniques and methods you can use to keep your man smiling and desiring you.

Take control in the bedroom

how to please your man, bedroom, dating It’s such nice feeling to have a man you are attracted to (or dating) want to rip your clothes off in the bedroom. Guys feel exactly the same; they would love for a girl they are dating to be overcome with lust and horniness for them. It makes them feel desired. So the next time you get home together, drag him into the bedroom, throw him on the bed and rip his clothes off.

Try new things in the bedroom

Guys don’t necessarily want a pornstar in the bedroom. However they do want variation. This means that if he is used to plain missionary, you should take the initiative and change it up in the bedroom. Even picking up a book on sexual techniques in your local shop is a good idea if you aren’t sure where to start.

Dress Sexy

Men are visual creatures (that’s why they like porn so much), so dressing sexy is a great way to please your man. Remember that different men find different things sexy. Some guys may like to see you in a tiny skirt and heels while others may want to see you in a tight pair of trousers and a flowing blouse. The secret is asking. You can be quite blatant. Just ask him what he thinks would look most sexy on you and then go and find it.

how to please your man, happy dude, datingAllow him his freedom

Wondering what he is getting up to on his weekend in Vegas with ‘the boys’ is a nerve wrecking experience. But it is far better than not allowing him to go in the first place. Preventing him from doing things could lead him to feeling bitter at how you are treating him. As tough as it can be sometimes, the rewards of allowing your boyfriend or husband to do things most others would not far outweigh what happens when you become hyper controlling.

Keep him Attracted

This last one might not spring easily to mind but keeping your boy attracted is super important when it comes to pleasing him. Guys are only truly happy to be with girls that they are completely attracted to. They don’t want to be with girls that don’t turn them on. There are a few simple things you can do to make sure he desires you and stays attracted. Check out, What Attracts Men for more great info.

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