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How to Pick Up Older Women


Many guys want to know how to pick up older women, they want to know if you need a different strategy than when picking up girls closer to their own age. Just follow these simple steps and you will be picking up cougars in no time at all:

(Note: Make sure you check out the Pick Up Artist Guide and Dating Tips for Guys sections also for more great tips)

Rule 1: Don’t talk about their age (or the age difference between you and her). Older women don’t like the idea that they are getting older, so whatever you do, don’t remind them of it.

Rule 2: It’s very flattering to cougars and older girls when you talk to them and flirt with them. Because of this, you don’t have to try very hard to attract them. One of the best ways to attract them is to just to ask them about themselves. Don’t worry too much about having super-interesting and cool stories to tell her as this will just seem try hard.

Remember that older women will have seen it all when it comes to picking them up, so…. just relax. Chances are, using some pick up artist material to attract a more mature woman is not going to work.

Rule 3: Talk about things that you can only really do when you are young. Talking to a cougar you want to date about a crazy house party you organized or how you got lost as you were traveling through south america is far more interesting to an older woman than telling her about what you do in your job or what kind of a car you drive.

Older women long for their lost youth. By demostrating how much fun it is to be young, you  will get her craving for her youth again. By being around you, she will feel younger.

(Note: Just make sure that you don’t explicitly say, “Hey it’s great being young and it sucks being old”, it’s much better to just subtly imply that it’s great being young through the stories you tell her.)

Rule 4: After you tell her a few stories and things are going well, you need to express interest in her. Older women, may be confident in themselves, but often they don’t want to embarrass themselves by making the first move, so it’s important to tell them that you think they are cute or that you like hanging out with them.

After you both know that you like each other, you need to make plans for the future; either to leave the bar together or to hang out together in a few days time.

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