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How to Make Out


This how to make out article will equip you with all the information you need to make out and make it how to make out, kissing tips, how to kiss, sexual tensionenjoyable for both you and your boyfriend/girlfriend. They’re just a few simple steps you need to take to make sure everything goes well.

Firstly, remember that you do not want to be kissing a mouth that’s dirty, has bad teeth or yellow teeth or bad breath. So please, before even putting the tips in this how to make out article into practice, go to a dentist and make sure you have good dental hygiene. One last thing, keep your lips moisturized to prevent them from becoming chapped. Then you can move on to the fun stuff!

Choosing someone you actually like is probably the most important part of learning how to make out. Maybe it’s someone you are dating or someone you want to date. Whoever it is, make sure you are comfortable around them and enjoy spending time with them. This makes making out and kissing so much more fun and intimate.

Let it happen naturally

how to make out, sexual tension, kissing tips, how to kiss The worst thing you can do to kill the mood before kissing or making out is to actually talk about making out. For some unknown reason, it just kills the mood and tension. So instead talk about something you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are both interested in, something you connect on. Once you are both talking about something you connect on, it is only natural for you to both look into each other’s eyes.

Holding prolonged eye contact is certainly a turn on, it’s quite seductive and helps build sexual tension. Every once in a while glance from your partner’s eyes to their lips then back to their eyes. Do this a few times to give them an idea of what is on your mind! But don’t go in for the kiss straightaway. It’s much better to do it slowly and build the sexual tension.

Eventually let the conversation die out and don’t make an effort to restart it. Instead look into each other’s eyes without talking. This amps up the sexual tension. At this stage you should already be at least touching each other, if not embracing each other. It’s now time to start making out.

The actual how to make out part

If you keep your head straight and your partner keeps their head straight, and you move towards each other to make out, then both of you will hit each other with your noses. To stop this from happening, move your head slightly to the side, as if you were trying to get water to trickle out of your ear. It’s natural for your partner to do the same.

Now start slowly moving your lips towards your partner’s lips. It’s best to start off with a closed mouth kiss. So suck on your partners top or bottom lip between your lips. You can also gently massage their lips with your lips. If this is your first time kissing or making out with your partner, then there is no need to rush things as doing so will kill the sexual tension.

Top Kissing Tips

  • -Variation is the key: close mouth kissing your partner gets boring quickly. So vary how you kiss your partner.

  • -You do not have to just kiss your boyfriends or girlfriends lips, you can also kiss their face and neck, cheeks and even ears.

  • -Biting, although not something most people associate with kissing, is also very sensual and something a lot of people enjoy, but done too hard can be painful.

  • -Another technique you can use when making out is to suck the skin of your partner instead of just kissing it.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to make out, please check out the rest of the website for more great tips on How to Kiss and how to make out.

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