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How to Make Out with Someone


Learning how to make out with someone is one of the most fun things that you can ever do, but there are a few pointers to take into consideration before you start making out!


Having good dental and oral hygiene is absolutely crucial if you want others to think that you are a good kisser. So this means that you need to make sure that your teeth are clean and white, your breath is fresh and that you don’t have any unsightly or harmful infection in or around your mouth such as cold sores (use a cream if you have to).

Look Inviting

Now that we have the basics covered it’s time to add the finishing touches before we get to the specific on how to make out with someone. Make sure that you use a good lip balm so that you don’t have chapped or rough lips; everyone prefers soft, smooth lips!

Taking care of these first two steps is crucial if you want to make sure that people want to make out with you.

The Making Out Part

Next you have to make sure that you are a good flirt. Nobody wants to make out with someone that they aren’t attracted to and being a good flirt is the best way to attract someone you like.

There is some good and some bad advice out there on flirting. The main thing to keep in mind when flirting with someone is that it is supposed to be fun and playful. It doesn’t really matter what you say as long as it’s fun and flirty. Don’t be mean!

You can tell if your flirting is going well if the person you are flirting with flirts back and touches you more than just once or twice. If this is happening, then it’s time to get a little closer to each other. This technique can be used to gauge the other person’s interest. When you get close to them, do they remain close to you? Or do they move away? If they move away then you’ll have to flirt some more to get them attracted to you.

If they are comfortable with your closeness, then it’s time to start thinking about making out. As your bodies get closer, start to move your head towards theirs. Again if they don’t move away, you can keep moving closer.

BAD GUY WARNING: If they are not comfortable with your presence and proximity, then make sure to back off.

As you move closer and closer to each other, you need to start tilting you head to the side so that when your lips touch, your noses won’t be in the way.

Once your lips are touching, it’s time to start making out! You can start my massaging their lip with yours. After about thirty seconds of this, you can then move on to open your mouth and using your tongue to massage their tongue. Every two or three minutes, you can switch from having you head on the right hand side of your partners head to the left hand side so that your neck doesn’t get sore. Enjoy making out!

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