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How To Make Him Obsessed With You – 3 Powerful Tactics

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Making a man obsessed with you is a powerful thing. Here are three simple, yet powerful tactics to make him totally obsessed with you.

#1. Let Him Do The Work

Men Value Things That Are Difficult To Get.

Why do men value crazy, strange things so much. Like completing a marathon, or climbing Mount Everest (it’s just a mountain) or winning the Super Bowl?

Because these things are difficult!

Men don’t value things that are easy to get

Men value things that are difficult to get.

Read that line again and remember it.

That is why you need to be a little cold towards the guy you want at first. The more he has to work for your attention and affection, the more he will value it.

The more that you are ‘just out of reach’, the better. However, he always has to feel as if he is slowly but surely winning you over.

It’s like teasing a cat with a piece of string. The closer the string is, the harder the cat tries to catch it. Once the cat catches it, it will lose all interest. But by keeping it just out of reach, you can keep the cat enthralled for hours.

WARNING! If you are too ‘hard to get’ for too long, then your man is going to get very frustrated. He may eventually give up.

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#2. Options, Options, Options

Ironically, The More Choice You Have, The More He’ll Want You.

Remember how we just mentioned that guys value things that are hard to get. Well, one of the best ways to show a man that you are hard to get is by having options.

If a guy sees that many other men want you, your value will go up in his eyes.

He’ll want you too.

It’s really just a matter of having lots of guy friends that you hang out with on a regular basis.

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#3. Stay On His Mind

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Everyone has heard this phrase countless times. And it’s true. If you are not around a guy regularly, then he has no reason to think of you.

But the more you are around him, the more he will think of you.

Now, this does not mean that you should make lame excuses to hang out with him. Instead, you should just hang out where he happens to hang out. You should go to the same places that he goes to. And you should try doing some of the same activities he does.

Obviously you don’t want to be a stalker and follow him around morning, noon and night! But, when he sees you once or twice a week, he will start to think of you more and more.

Now for some caveats:

Don’t be too predictable, disappear for a day or 2. This will get him wondering where you are or what happened to you.

Get friendly with his friends. Not just where you just say, “Hi!” to each other in a corridor. But actually become friends with them. Like we mentioned before, at the start, be quite cool/cold towards the guy you want and then slowly warm up to him as he proves himself to you.

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