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How to make a guy want you


The short answer on how to make a guy want you is to be something that he can’t have. That’s sounds pretty easy but this article lays out the exact steps you need to take in order to be the girl he almost can’t have (obviously if he can’t have you altogether, then there’s not much point).

Before getting to the juicy bits, first it is important that you remember the importance of looking you best. There can be no excuses here. Just as we like well-groomed men, guys like well-groomed women. So before you start using any of these great tips, please make sure to take care of your appearance.

Cat String Theory

how to make a guy want you, cat string theory, dating, buff guy5 A pick up artist named Mystery aka Erik von Markovik (from VH1’s The Pick Up Artist) came up with a theory for how guys should act around girls if they wanted to seduce them. He called it cat string theory because he likened it to a cat chasing a piece of string that it just cannot catch. At first, the cat is not very interested in this piece of string as it dangles in front of it. After a while though, the cat gets curious. Before long the cat is chasing the piece of string all over the room, leaping over obstacles and performing different tasks, just to get the string. The minute the cat gets the little piece of string, it’s interest wanes and it then goes to find something else to do.

This theory works just as well for girls as it does for guys. By being the girl who flirts with guys, the girl who is touchy-feely, the girl who is great fun to be around but is just slightly out of reach of the men who know her, she will become the object of their desires. Using cat string theory is exactly how to make a guy want you in the quickest time possible. When one guy eventually proves that he is willing to do whatever it takes just to be with you, you can stop using cat string theory……

Or should you? If you drop this attitude, after a while your man may start losing interest because now he knows he can have you whenever he wants. The best strategy is to start using cat string theory just a little bit from time to time to remind the guy you are with what a valuable commodity you are.

Making him feel good

Being the girl that a guy can’t have can lead to guys getting frustrated and annoyed. This is not the ideal way how to make a guy want you. This is why it’s important that he doesn’t associate bad emotions with you. You can’t use cat string theory and treat a guy badly, it’s not healthy and chances are he will resent you. If you hope to date him in the future it’s very important that when he is around you, he experiences good, positive emotions. So make sure to flirt, banter, and crack jokes with him. This will amplify the effect of cat string theory and make him want you even more.

Out of the blue

The last essential component of making a guy want you is to sporadically contact or get in touch with him in a way that doesn’t ask (or plead) for a response. So you could post on his facebook wall something like, “Bet you can’t lick your elbow” or “Just saw a girl with a moustache and fake boobs, weird!” These posts show guys who you could end up potentially dating that you have a sense of humour but are not desperate for attention.

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