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How to make a guy jealous


Learning how to make a guy jealous can be like walking on thin ice. You may get to the other side and how to make a guy jealous, jealous, love, datinghave a guy massively attracted to you. But you also may very suddenly fall through the ice and lose everything! When you make a guy jealous it can make him desire you more than you could imagine or it could make him feel hurt, angry and resentful.

This article will discuss both the good types of jealousy and the bad types of jealousy that you can make a man feel. The key to making a guy jealous without making him angry is to make sure that you don’t appear to be actively making him jealous. It has to appear as ‘not your fault’. Men like to know where they stand in a relationship, it’s in their nature. Jealously will make a man feel uncertain about where he stands in a relationship. He will go to great lengths to rectify this situation and in the process will become far more attracted to you.

Just talking to a friend

Sure, you could just start blatantly flirting with other guys in front of him. But chances are, he will know what you are up to. A better way to do this is to tell him that you are just going to say “Hi” to your friend, that you will be back in a minute. When you go over to him, say hi, start flirting him, maybe even show him a picture on your phone. This may think get your man thinking that you are giving this other guy your number. When you get back to your boyfriend, tell him that the other guy was pretty touchy feely, then say nothing else. Saying something like, “He was very touchy-feely” isn’t exactly saying sorry, but lets your man know that you are desired by other guys, which leads us to the next tip…

So many guys, it makes me angry

Instead of making it obvious that there are guys vying for your attention, tell your man that it makes you angry that you are never sure whether or not your guy friends are trying to get with you or not. This is one of the simpliest ways how to make a guy jealous.

Make sure that you hang out with these guys a lot, that way, he’ll never be totally sure about what’s going on .

Facebook is your friend

how to make a guy jealous, facebook rage, love, dating If your man is always on facebook, then you can use this great tool tool to make him feel jealous. By updating your status with ‘bait for guys’ you’ll attract other guys to comment on your profile.

The rule is use comments that will grab guy’s attention. Post a link to an article that objectifies women, such as a Top 100 hottest women list and comment on it, about how terrible it is. This will grab guy’s attention and make them feel compelled to comment on it. Having guys comment on your facebook profile will certainly make him feel jealous, especially if you are both already in a relationship as these comments will be constantly appearing on his homepage “feed”.

Just remember that creating jealousy can make or break a relationship.

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