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How to Make a Girl Squirt

Knowing how to make a girl squirt is an awesome technique to have in your arsenal. When word goes round that your can make girls ejaculate, you will have some very eager girls seeking out your services.

Today you are not going to be sold some long-winded, hyped up package, you are getting everything for free! This one simple technique will make your girlfriend/partner/wife have intense, squirting orgasms every time she cums.

Before we get to the technique, it is first very important to make sure that you are both hygienic. So make sure that neither of you have any transferrable diseases and both of you have showered and cleaned yourselves recently. On top of this you must both have each others consent.

‘The Hook’ – The only squirting technique you need

The Hook is the most powerful technique you can use to make a woman squirt and cum hard. After about 30 minutes of good foreplay where you can tell that your girl is highly aroused (deep breathing usually indicates high levels of arousal), you are going to use a technique called the hook to make her squirt.

The Hook

To perform the hook, make sure that your girl is lying on her back and is very aroused. Insert your middle and ring fingers into your girls’ vagina, while leaving your index and baby fingers outside the vagina and pointing down towards the bed.

Curl your two fingers in her vagina so that they are trying to touch your palm. This will cause you put pressure on your woman’s G-Spot and Skene’s Gland with your fingers while the top of your palm should be pressed against her Clitoris.

Now you need to start vibrating your hand and fingers (while pulling upwards) so that your hand is stimulating all three spots simultaneously.

That’s it!

Provided you performed enough foreplay, your will make your girl squirt very quickly (it usually takes less than a minute).

Now some girls don’t squirt from the hook (even though they still cum quite hard).

Here’s why……

The reason for this is that when a girl squirts or ejaculates, the fluid comes from the Skene’s gland through the urethra (the same tube that her urine/pee goes through). The Skene’s gland is also located quite close to her bladder.

As a result, when she feels like she is going to ejaculate, she gets the same feeling as when she needs to pee. So she will prevent herself from ejaculating because she thinks that she is going to pee all over the bed!

If you want your girl to ejaculate, then you need to explain to your girl how the process works and that you understand how she is going to feel like she needs to pee, but that it’s not actually pee, it’s ejaculate.

Once your girl relaxes and understands what’s happening, you will have learned how to make a girl squirt.

Unfortunately, some girls just can’t relax and they’ll never be able to achieve squirting orgasms, but hey at least you have a new technique to add to your sex toolbox. There’s plenty more you need to know if you want ot fully please your girl, so make sure to check out the rest of the Love Making Tips section for everything from How to Make a Girl Cum to the best Love Making Positions.

Top Tip:
If you want your girl to squirt heavily, then ask her to have a few glasses of water about an hour before you get down to it so that she is full hydrated.

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