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How to Make a Girl Orgasm

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Learning how to make a girl orgasm is crucial if you want to have her craving and wanting you. These sex tips will show you exactly what you need to do to make sure that your girl  orgasms every time she’s with you. When you understand these underlying principles when it comes to making girls orgasm, then make sure to check out How to Make a Girl Squirt and How to Make a Girl Cum. These articles will teach you awesome techniques to have your girl screaming with pleasure.

Now you are going to learn why girls are different to guys when it comes to having an orgasm and how they get turned on.

Girls can orgasm or cum many times in a row, while a guy can only orgasm and cum once  before he needs to rest for a while and before he can have another. The way that a woman gets turned on is also different to how a man gets turned on.

Most guys find porn or chicks that wear skimpy clothes a turn on because we are mostly turned on by what we see. Girls do get turned on by what they see, but what they see only turns them on a little bit. Instead what mostly turns them on is a combination of where she is, who she is with, if she’s comfortable and even what time of the month it is.

It’s not just these factors that are important when learning how to make a girl orgasm, you also need to make sure to ‘warm her up’ or use foreplay before you even get down to sex with your girl. This is crucial! Remember, if you want your girl to have a powerful orgasm, you have to make sure that you have warmed her up properly before even getting to sex or using THIS AWESOME TECHNIQUE.

Use Foreplay Stupid!

Think of foreplay as a gradual process or a series of steps that you must go through to turn your girl on more and more and the most crucial part to learning how to make a woman orgasm. You need to start off gentle and slowly build it up. The progression usually goes from kissing your girl, to massaging her outside her clothes to then taking off her clothes and then massaging her body. Afterwards you need to move onto her more sensitive areas and massage them before moving on to sex. Check out these Foreplay Techniques for more tips on what to do during foreplay.

Once you have foreplay taken care of and move on to sex, then you’ll find that that ‘girl on top’ or cowgirl lovemaking positions are best for giving your girl an orgasm as she will be able to control the amount of stimulation her clit receives.

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