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How to Make a Girl Cum

When learning how to make a girl cum, just follow these important rules and soon your girl will be having spectacular orgasms.

But before we get to that, it is important that both have you have good hygiene. This is to avoid getting any transferrable diseases from each other. So it is important that you have both showered and are clean.

As well as this it is very important that you are both consenting and not breaking any laws.

What turns you on, may not turn her on

If you’re like most guys, you’ll watch porn and become aroused quite quickly. This is totally normal. However (nearly all) girls are different. Most don’t particularly like porn and it takes them longer to become fully aroused. However we can use this to our advantage when learning how to make a woman cum.

Start Slow

You may be eager to make her cum, but it’s crucial that you start slowly and take your time  when trying to arouse your girlfriend/partner/wife. Before even beginning foreplay, you need to set the scene.

What this means is that you need to be able to make your girl feel sexy before you even get to the bedroom. So if you are out at a bar, then make sure that your girl knows how feel about her. You can tell her how sexy she looks. Another great thing to say is, “Dam if these people weren’t here right now, I’d do (insert something sexy here) to you”.

By doing this, you create TENSION. This is a crucial part to turning women on and learning how to make a girl cum.

Slowly build up to climax (Foreplay)

When you do get to the bedroom, you may want to get straight down to sex, but you need to hold back a little and start foreplay. This means you need to start kissing and massaging her. Kiss her all over her face and body, especially the neck, shoulders and back.

Use your hands to first gently massage and tease her more sensitive body parts (breasts and vagina). Then as she becomes more and more turned on, you can use a firmer technique to massage her.

By teasing, we mean that you can’t just go straight to her sensitive body parts. Counter-intuitively, this will make her more aroused and craving for sex.

Hint: Check out How to Make a Girl Squirt for a great technique on how to make a girl ejaculate and cum hard.

Use the Love Making Positions that work Best

The best lovemaking positions when learning how to make your woman cum are the cowgirl positions as they will allow her to control the level of clitoral stimulation that she receives.

Don’t forget about the other types of sex

When learning how to make your girl cum, you may only be thinking about how to make her cum during sex. Don’t! Many girls have trouble cumming and having orgasms during sex. They find that other types of sex make them cum better.

Try oral sex for example. Many girls find that they cum very hard when being eaten out. Check out How to Eat Out a Girl for more tips on cunnilingus.

Some girls even report that anal sex is the best for cuming, but you will find that different girls like different things when it comes to learning how to make girls cum.

Overall you may find that it takes a little while to find what works best when figuring out how to make your girlfriend cum.

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