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How to Kiss your Girlfriend for the First Time


Learning how to kiss your girlfriend for the first time is actually pretty easy. If you follow these step by step instructions on kissing her the first time, then you can be assured that she will accept your kiss (and want more!).

Step 1
Realize that she is going to be just as nervous as you. However, girls rarely make the first move when it comes to kissing, so it’s going to be up to you to make the first move. This is where ‘being a man’ comes into play.

Step 2
To avoid any embarrassment, you need to be sure that she likes you. Does she:
Want to hang out all the time?
Laugh at most of your jokes?
Touch you?
Get jealous when you are chatting to other girls?

If you can answer yes to most of the above questions then she is attracted to you and does want you to kiss her.

Step 3
Make sure that you are both somewhere private. For some reason girls don’t like kissing guys in public, ESPECIALLY if it’s the first time you are kissing them.

Step 4
It can’t be out of the blue. If you are kissing her for the first time, it’s better if she’s expecting it. So before lunging in and trying to kiss her make sure that she’s ready. This means that you should have either hugged her or have held her hand or done something else intimate like this to let her know that ‘it’s on’

Step 5
Hold eye contact with her. This is one of the most crucial parts to learning how to kiss your girlfriend for the first time. Just before you are about to kiss her, you need to be able to maintain eye contact with her, then while maintaining eye contact, glance at her lips every once and a while (This is an awesome move as you will let her know what’s coming next).

Step 6
Time to move in. While both maintaining eye contact and casually looking at your girls lips every once in a while, you need to make sure that you are touching her with your hands. This could be something as simple as touching her arm or leg.

Then you need you start moving your head towards hers and tilt your head slightly. Then lock lips and start massaging her lips with yours.

That’s it, you are now kissing your girlfriend! But if you need more tips then check out Dating Tips for Guys

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