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How to Kiss Your Boyfriend for the First Time


These tips on how to kiss your boyfriend for the first time will have you kissing him confidently in no time at all.

Appearance, Appearance, Appearance! The most important thing to get right is your appearance. This means that you have to make sure you have clean pearly whites. And no bad breath! So use mouthwash just before you plan on kissing your man. That’s the inside of your mouth taken care of. Next is your lips. Make sure to use a moisturizer so that your lips are always plump and soft.

Finally make sure to cover up any blemishes you have with concealer so that your face is cute and something your man wants to kiss.

> Just make sure not to wear too much make up as this might turn him off.

Next up is setting the scene. Learning how to kiss your boyfriend for the first time is so much easier if you are both alone. So make sure that you are both in private and away from prying eyes!

Preferably you want your boyfriend to kiss you first. But maybe he is a bit shy. So you need to give him the hint. First you need to start touching him lightly. This means holding his hand or even just resting yours on top of his. Then you need to start making eye contact with him.

You may find this a little tricky and be a bit nervous, but don’t worry. He will be just as nervous as you. If he hasn’t flinched or moved away, then he wants to kiss you too!

If you still want more tips on how to kiss your boyfriend, then try these:

> Ask him if he wants to kiss you.

> Stare at his lips and tell him how good they look!

> Ask if he’d like a neck massage. After a few minutes of using your hands, start pressing your lips gently against his neck. He will like this for sure!

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