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How to Kiss a Man


how to kiss a man, kissing tips, teeth Knowing how to kiss a man properly is crucial if you want him to fall in love with you. This means that you can’t just sit back and let the man do all the work. Just like us, men love to be desired. They too want to be seduced and believe that a woman can’t help being attracted to them.

What’s very important when learning how to kiss a man is the male-female polarity. What we mean by this is the fact that men tend to be the bigger, stronger ones and women tend to be the weaker, or smaller ones. So for the most part, although it may seem a little sexist, men like to play their roles as the big, strong, macho man but they do like feminine women.

So although you may consider yourself to be a Tomboy or a tough girl, girls have been and always will be attracted to feminine women. Guys like to think that a woman is falling for their charms, so keeping them believing that fantasy is a very powerful and strong move.

Most girls like the man to initiate the kiss, so it is our job to entice the man to kiss us. We can achieve this pretty simply through looking our best. So this means having clear skin or having the appearance of clear skin! It means smelling good, so do wear perfume but don’t wear too much. Make sure your lips are moisturized, but don’t where excessive amounts of lipstick or lip gloss our lip liner. It may look nice but it doesn’t feel nice to kiss.

Just as important as making your lips enticing by keeping them clean, soft and moisturized is keeping how to kiss a man, kissing tips, make outyour mouth clean. That means scrub your teeth after every meal and use teeth whitener if your teeth aren’t white. Bleaching your teeth may be a step too far as having fluorescent teeth is off-putting to some. You also need to make sure that you have fresh breath.

To indicate to the man that you are with that you want to kiss him, just look at his lips and lick your lips. Make sure that you have also been touching him throughout your interaction. When he does eventually kiss you, make sure you kiss him back. This means that you should also massages his lips with yours, suck them and even bite them (but not too hard).

A very seductive thing you can do as you are learning how to kiss a man, is to stop kissing him every once in a while, that is to break off the kiss first as this will always leave him wanting more. That’s exactly what we want, to have him chasing us.

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