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How to Kiss a Girl


Knowing how to kiss a girl, especially if you’ve been dating her for a while is critical. There may be 1 million things going through your mind, especially if you like the girl, but the longer you wait the harder it will be to kiss the girl.

A lot of guys don’t realize that they are much bigger than girls for the most part and this can sometimes make girls feel uncomfortable. Therefore one of the most crucial things you can do while learning how to kiss a girl, is to make her feel comfortable. Not just comfortable listening to your voice, but also doing things like holding hands or going on a date together.

To make the woman feel comfortable with you, you need to slowly introduce physical contact. This way when you do go to kiss her, it won’t be out of the blue. Instead, she will hopefully be at ease with your touch and be hoping for your kiss.

Coupled with making a girl feel comfortable with your presence, there is a little thing called hygiene, something a lot of guys seem to forget. It’s completely inexcusable to forget about keeping your mouth and teeth clean.

If you have bad breath, go to a dentist and get it sorted out. While you’re there, also think about getting your teeth cleaned or even whitened. Make sure also to keep your lips moisturized to prevent them from becoming chapped.

The kissing part

how to kiss a girl, how to kiss, french kiss Not a lot of people know this when learning how to kiss a girl; it is the responsibility of the guy to initiate the kiss and the girl to either accept the kiss or reject the kiss. With that in mind, you as a guy have to move in first (or make the first move) to try and kiss the girl. Very rarely will a girl initiate the kiss. Remember to always respect her boundries.

If you’ve had a few dates together already and are clearly comfortable in each other’s company, then the girl you are dating will most likely be expecting you to try and kiss her. There are some signs you can give to show the girl you’re with that you are ready to kiss her. There are two very specific things you can do: 1) licking your lips and 2) glancing from her eyes to her lips then back to her eyes.

If the moment is right, then you need to start slowly moving your head towards hers and tilting your head slightly so that when your lips touch your noses are not in each other’s way. Usually people don’t start making out or French kissing straightaway; instead they usually massage each other’s lips first.

Massage the girls bottom lip between your lips, sucking it gently and squeezing it with your lips, then switch to her top lip. After kissing her like this for a while, you may want to try making out or French kissing her. Check out this article on French kissing for more information.

Other things you can do include moving from kissing her lips to kissing her neck or kissing her ear

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