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How to Kiss a Boy


Figuring out how to kiss a boy isn’t difficult, it’s fun. Especially if you are both attracted to each other or you’re dating. Boys are usually the ones to initiate kissing. However you may find that the guy you’re with is shy and you have to initiate the kiss before the sexual tension kills you.

A lot of girls and boys are just as nervous as you when it comes to kissing, they too fear rejection or that the girl won’t like the kiss. So do not worry. Treat each kiss as a learning experience, something to help you become a better kisser.

There are plenty of more articles on the site relating to kissing and How to Kiss, but this article relates to how to initiate the kiss with a boy.

The first thing to realize is as said before: guys are just as nervous when it comes to being intimate with girls. So the first thing you would do with a guy you want to kiss is to make sure you are both somewhere private. This way there will be less pressure and you’ll both be more relaxed

Look inviting

Before you even begin on your quest to learn how to kiss a boy, it’s important to have an inviting mouth. If you want to kiss to go smoothly make sure you have nice soft lips. So don’t wear too much lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner or anything that may feel weird to him when you are kissing. The same goes for having fresh breath and clean, white teeth. Every little helps!

how to kiss a boy, kissing tips, lips, loveMaking him comfortable for the kiss

If you just lunging, out of the blue, for the kiss then there is a chance that he will accept it or maybe reject it (this rearely happens though, so stop worrying). This is not a situation you want to be in. Instead what you want to do is to make him feel comfortable with your touch. So you want to be touching his hand or arm or even face. On top of this you should also be close to him, so that your legs are touching each other or your shoulders are touching each other or both.

Make eye contact

Next thing we need to do when learning how to kiss a boy, is to show him our intent. This is what we use our eyes for! You should be looking at him in the eyes, holding eye contact. This can be tricky, but is definitely worth it as it lets him know that you like him. Then every once in a while, slowly glance from holding eye contact with him, to looking at his mouth. This certainly shows him what’s on your mind.

Go in for the kill

Now comes the kissing part. You need to tilt your head slightly to the side and slowly move in to kiss him. This can be a tricky as you have to be prepared to be rejected. However, most of the time the boy will either not move his head or will move in to close the distance and will kiss you too! Instead of going for a French kiss straightaway, gently massage or suck on his lips.

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