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How to Keep your Man Happy


When girls want to know the secret of how to keep your man happy, they think that the best thing to do is whatever he wants. This is completely wrong!

To keep your man happy, you need to be able to do 5 things:

1. Make sure he is attracted to you. (Hope this is obvious girls! Check out What Attracts Men for more tips on this)

2. He needs to feel that you are attracted to him and also in with love him.

3. He needs to feel like there is a future to your relationship.

4. He needs a girl who is good in bed (Check out What Men want in Bed for tips)

5. He needs a girl who is not needy.

How to Keep your Man Happy (in Detail)

1.To make a guy attracted to you read What Attracts Men.
2.Showing a guy that you are attracted to him is a little different than showing him you love him. To show him that you are attracted to him requires physical action. This means that you need to kiss him, hug him, massage him and initiate sex. To show him that you love him requires doing nice things for him that you wouldn’t normally do for any other guy. This could mean making him his favourite meal, buying him something nice when you are getting groceries or even doing his laundry. The key to this is not to make a big deal about doing these things. It has to appear to your man that it doesn’t take much effort and that you enjoy doing nice things for him.

3. Showing your man that there is a future in your relationship simply requires making plans with him for the future. They need to be both short term and long term plans. So a short term plan with the guy your are dating could be planning to go to the movies at the weekend, while a long term plan could be what you are going to do for your summer holidays together. Some guys may get a little scared if you are constantly planning things years into the future, so it’s best to make them loose plans unless your guy is very enthusiastic.

4. To get good in bed, check out What Men want in Bed

5. Not being needy is essential to your dating success. Just as girls hate dating needy guys, men hate dating needy girls. Being needy kills attraction and destroys relationships. The key to avoiding neediness is having a life outside of your relationship. That might be hard to stomach for some, but having nothing else to do except cuddle your boyfriend is like water on a fire, it kills his attraction for you. So make sure you have an active social life with your friends and are doing activities independently outside of your relationship that you enjoy.

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