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How to Keep Him Interested


Girls who know how to keep him interested are girls you should be jealous of! Sometimes it can be quite frustrating keeping a guy you like attracted and interested in you. Luckily though you can use these great tips to keep him thinking about you (Tip No. 5 is the most important).

1.Have your own life

This is the second most important of any of the tips that you read here. Having your own life means doing activities and other things that don’t involve the guy you are with. These could be sports you do or even activities such as going out with your girls every fortnight for a meal together. This does not mean that you should exclude him. But you should not give up anything that’s important to you just to spend more time with your man. Spending every moment with your guy may show him that you love him, but if you spend every waking moment with him, he may well become bored with you. So remember that to keep a guy interested you need to have your own life.

2. Make sure to stay attractive

The unfair thing in life is that most guys are primarily attracted to a girl’s good looks. Unfortunately there is nothing we can change about this. Luckily though, a guy who is dating you obviously finds you attractive. So it is important to remember to keep looking great.

3. Let him know that you are desired

Sometimes a guy might start taking you for granted. Well this is the best time to show him that you are still desired by other guys. The next time you are both together and a guy starts flirting with you in front of your man, make sure you flirt back but don’t go any further than just flirting.

WARNING: There is a dark side to flirting with other guys. Sometimes you may be feeling a little insecure and then feel better after flirting with another guy. If you do this too much it can become a vicious cycle and your boyfriend may start to feel as if you don’t even respect or like him, so remember to use this technique sparingly.

4. Let him know that you are interested in him

Hopefully this is obvious girls, but it’s important to let guys know that you like them through both your actions and words. So telling him how you feel about him is just as important as doing things for him that show him how you feel. Doing small things for him such as making his favourite meal or surprising him with tickets to the movie he was talking about are 2 ways to show him how to feel.

5. Don’t be predictable all the time

If you want to know how to keep him interested in you, then the best thing that you can do is to use Tips No. 1-4 in conjunction with Tip No. 5. By not being predictable, your man will never know what to expect. He will always be wondering what’s coming next.
Note: Being unpredictable doesn’t mean that you should always be doing completely random things around your guy. Instead you should only be unpredictable whenever you feel that he may be losing interest.

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