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How to Impress a Girl


Many guys think they know how to impress a girl. Most are wrong, plain and simple. The key to impressing a girl lies in these very subtle tips.

Don’t brag, Insinuate

Ever been to a party where some guy is talking about how he got a new car. Have you felt the urge to tell him (and everyone else) that your car is bigger, faster and more powerful? Maybe it’s never happened at all, maybe it’s only happened a few times. The point is that women pick up on this. They know when guys are trying to one-up each other. They may encourage it, but one-upping other guys does not attract women.

how to impress a girl, dating tips, scarlett johanson, flirting Instead you need to insinuate that you have great things going on in your life. In other words, the great things that are happening in your life need to be demonstrated passively, not explicitly (don’t brag, it’s not how to impress a girl). So instead of telling people that you are rich, you need to demonstrate it. You could do this by buying lots of beer for a party or bringing some friends to a nice restaurant. The same goes when talking about women. Instead of bragging to your friends that you are having sex with a lot of women, it’s far better to say nothing at all and let the girls see for themselves all the women hanging off your arms.

Impress a girl with how you look

Guys think that they can look like a slob but with the perfect pick up line, they can attract and seduce any girl they want. This is simply not true. Girls care about how you look. They have a serious fear of dating someone that will lower their social value. Guys who aren’t in shape, dress badly and don’t groom themselves have low social value to girls which obviously is not impressive.

Confidence and Independence impresses girls

Many guys think that in order to impress a girl they need to act meek around her and do as she wishes all the time. Straight up, this does not impress girls! Girls like men with confidence and who are independent. This means, telling her how you really feel about things. You need to have no qualms in telling her that certain things she is doing are unacceptable while at the same time have no fear of losing her if she doesn’t like how you feel.

Flirting impresses Women

Like the previous paragraph said, girls like guys with confidence. The best way to show your confidence is through flirting. The great thing about flirting with a girl is that it shows her your confidence in a really fun positive way. Flirting is not treating a girl badly. Instead, if you want to be a good flirter, you need to do things like misinterpreting things she says, teasing her lightly and just joking around. Insulting a girl or making fun of her in a way that upsets her is not a good way to flirt with women. For more great tips on flirting, check out the Pick Up Artist Guide.

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