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How To Give Head

Learning how to give head is actually a fairly easy process. However if you want to be really good at giving head, then there are a few important tips and techniques that you should use. Below you will find some of the most important things that you should keep in mind when going down on your man.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you want to truly blow your man’s mind, then you need to practice and then when you are good, you need to practice some more to be great. The easiest object to practice on is a banana. It’s tasty and shaped very similar to your man’s penis. It may sound a little cheesy, but it really does work.

-Start by sliding the banana into your mouth and slowly massaging it with your tongue.
-Once you feel comfortable doing this, trying gently sucking on it.
-Next, check to see how far you can slide the banana comfortably into your mouth. You’ll find that when you hit the back of your throat with it, you will get an uncomfortable gagging feeling.  Try to stay as relaxed as possible, and try not to gag!

*Not gagging is crucial! To prevent yourself from gagging, you will need to learn how far to take the banana/penis into your mouth, before you trigger your gag reflex.

Lots Of Saliva

On your road to learning how to give great head to your man, one of the simplest things that you can learn is to use lot’s of saliva. The more saliva you use, the better. Any man will tell you this. It makes the blowjob much more friction free, and makes it feel much better.

*If you are one of those people who doesn’t naturally produce a lot of saliva, then chewing on some gum right before going down on your man is a great way to produce more saliva.

It’s Not Just Your Mouth

When many people are learning how to give their man a great blow job, they focus solely on using their mouth. This is perfectly fine, but after a while you may find your jaw getting sore or worse, he might start getting bored.

A great way to stop him from getting bored is to try different things during the blowjob. You can try giving him a handjob for a little while, to give your mouth some time off and to keep it exciting for him.

Grab Those Balls!

This is like a little secret weapon most girls need in their arsenal when learning how to give a blow job to their man. As you learn how to suck off to your man, you will keep on improving (‘Practice Makes Perfect’). You will learn that it’s not just his penis that is sensitive, but that there are many other sensitive parts to a man’s body.

Ever see a guy get hit in the crotch and then collapse on the ground in agony? It’s because he got hit in the testicles and they are super sensitive! Super-Crazy-Sensitive. And this is something that we can use to our advantage, to make his blowjob twice as good as normal.

While giving head with your mouth, use one of your hands to slowly and gently massage his balls. Just remember that they are super sensitive, so don’t rub too hard!

There is nothing worse than the feeling of a guy dumping you because you suck in bed. Not because you are not pretty enough, not because you have a bad personality, but because you don’t get his heart pumping in the bedroom.

So if you are not totally happy with your sex life, then sign up now to The Bad Girl’s Bible, and you will get sent 3 free emails every week on how to get better in bed and how to become a true sex goddess. Your man will not be able to stop thinking about you when you use these tips.

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