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How to Give a Guy Good Head

Knowing how to give a guy good head is very important if you want to make sure you both have a great sex life. It is also the key to making sure he returns the favor!

Follow these simple steps to make sure that he is always left smiling after you go down on him. Also make sure to check out the Love Making Tips section for more great advice on how to please your guy in the bedroom!

Firstly you need to make sure that you both have good hygiene. You need to make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly before getting down to business. You also need to make sure you man is clean too! Make sure he has a shower so that he is clean and ready for you.

Next, it’s important to build up a bit of anticipation before getting down to it. Make sure that you are wearing something that you know turns him on. And don’t forget that you both need to be somewhere private where you won’t be disturbed!

You may be surprised to find that learning how to give a guy good head is actually easy. The best way to begin giving him head is to start by kissing him on the lips and neck while using your hands to massage his penis outside his pants. After a few minutes of this, you can move on to unbuttoning his trousers and quickly move down to his crotch (don’t forget most guys don’t need any foreplay at all, so you only need to be kissing him for 1-2 minutes before you start giving him head).

When you do get down there, don’t wrap your mouth around his shaft straight away. Instead start by kissing him everywhere but his actual penis. Then after a minute or two of this, move on to kissing his shaft, but don’t take it into your mouth just yet! Keep kissing it.

Then start sliding your tongue up and down his shaft to make sure that it’s wet for you. After a little while of this you can eventually take him in your mouth and start giving him head. Make sure that you have a bit of saliva in your mouth for lubrication. All you need to do is to suck gently and slide you mouth up and down. That’s pretty much all there is to fellatio or giving a guy good head.

Top Tip: Use your hand to gently massage his testicles/balls while giving your man head. While everyone knows how sensitive a guy is down there, few take advantage of it while giving him head.

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