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How To Give A BJ – The Right Way!

Many girls would like to think that they know how to give a BJ. The fact is that most don’t. They use the same few techniques over and over again, never really sure if their man is fully satisfied.

So what do you need to know to give your man a great BJ? There are a number of things.

***One important thing is not to get too overwhelmed with different ideas. While you will learn many sex techniques from this website, it’s important to implement them one by one. Don’t try to do everything at once.

However, you should try each of these oral sex tips for giving better blow jobs at least once.

Make It Wet

Imagine giving a guy a handjob with sandpaper. It won’t feel good for him. In fact it will be incredibly painful. This is exactly how it feels when you give him a BJ without using much saliva.

Simply said, your tongue will feel rough and unpleasant to him.

So if you are having trouble producing saliva, then you can use a few ‘cheats’.

>Chew Some Gum. This is easy, especially right before you go down on him.

->Start Slow. If you have trouble producing saliva, then start slow when giving him a BJ. Stay around the head of his penis at first. Suck on it to help your mouth to produce more saliva. Then as you produce more and more saliva, start to work down to his shaft.

->Use Some Flavoured Lube. If you really can’t produce enough saliva, then just buy some flavoured lube. It’s usually quite cheap and it makes it taste better for you.

Do It With Confidence

People only become confident when they become experienced with something. The same is true when you are learning how to give a bj.

If you seem nervous or appear to not know what you are doing when giving a BJ, your man can get really turned off. To stop him from getting turned off, you need to blow him with confidence.

The key to appearing confident is to just ‘fake it till you make it’. This means that you just need to pretend to be confident. It can be a little nerve-wrecking giving your first blowjob, but the key is to just relax.

A good thing to remember is that most guys are just as nervous as you are when it comes to blow jobs. So if you are a little nervous, remember that the guy getting it is probably just as nervous, if not more so.

Hands AND Mouth

Very often girls get caught up with thinking that giving a guy a good blowjob is all about you sucking his cock. The truth is a little different.

Giving a great BJ is about both sucking his penis and using your hands.

Read that again!

It’s probably the most important piece of advice that you will read on giving a guy great head.

By alternating between using your hands and using your mouth, you will give you man a much richer and more enjoyable blowjob experience. As well as this, you will be giving your mouth a much needed break!

So what specifically can you do with your hands when giving your guy a blowjob?

The Classic Handjob
Midway through a blow job, you can just use your hands to start masturbating his penis. Just grab it in one or both of your hands and start rubbing it up and down.

Ball Massage
Gently grab your man’s balls in one hand and slowly start massaging them. This is again very pleasurable. Just make sure not to grab them too hard as you could potentially hurt him!

This article on how to give a BJ is quite short and only gives you the basics when it comes to giving your man great head. It was written with the help of the Bad Girl’s Bible. They fortunately have a free newsletter that will teach you everything you need to know about how to give a BJ, how to satisfy your man sexually and how to basically turn into a sexual goddess in the bedroom.

If you are interested in learning these things then you should sign up here.

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