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How to Get Him Back


These steps will teach you how to get him back, but be warned: they are sneaky!

A lot of people who have split up with their boyfriend find that at first they can become quite emotional and sometimes even a little irrational. So it’s important to make sure to take a few days to relax and take care of priority number 1, YOU!

It’s important not to bottle up your emotions so take a few days until you are a little more peaceful before using these tips to get him back….

Rule 1: Men Value What They Can’t Have

Men are programmed to chase a prize, climb the highest hills and basically strive for what they can’t have.

Why did Tiger Woods, the best golfer in the world who had everything he ever wanted in the world cheat on his absolutely beautiful, Swedish wife?

He had it all but he wanted more. He is the just like every other guy, he wants what he can’t have. Then when he has what he wants, he wants more. Crazy, huh? Well, that’s guys for you.

How does this apply to you?

This is the most important part of learning how to get him back. You need to be the girl that your man almost can’t have. So instead of begging or pleading or hoping that he’ll take you back, you need to start making him believe that you are not really that bothered that you broke up. Why? Because you are the prize. You are someone that your man almost can’t have.

Examples of this would be not replying immediately to his texts or phone calls and not jumping at any chance you have to hang out with him. So if he says that you should both hang out sometime, just say, “Sounds good, but I’m busy for the next while.” By saying yes and no in the same sentence will confuse him but will also make him value you a whole lot more.

Rule 2: Stay on his mind

While trying to get your man back, you definitely want to be someone that he almost can’t have but this doesn’t mean that you should be totally elusive. In order to get you guy back you have to stay in his mind and in his consciousness.

How do you do this……..

To stay on his mind, you need to do a few things. You shouldn’t contact him much yourself, but you should make sure that whenever your friends are with him, they mention you (make sure that they don’t say something obvious like, “she’s doing awesome”, etc.  but instead just mention that you went to a party.)

Things you can do to stay on his mind are:

Stay active on facebook.

Make sure you hang out with friends (especially if they are mutual friends of you and your ex).

Don’t say bad things about him (don’t say that you miss him like crazy to people, but make sure that you don’t say negative things about him).

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