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How to get a guy to notice you


 Want to know the secret of how to get a guy to notice you without dressing like a slut? It really isn’t that hard. Just use these easy to follow tips and before you know it guys will not only be noticing you, they’ll be chatting you up too.

Be positive

Hopefully this is obvious, but if you want to get noticed then you need to be positive. People are drawn to positivity, they want to be around people that make them feel good. People who are always bringing the vibe down are not people you want to be around. The best way to be positive is to make other people smile. Tell jokes, use compliments and smile to make other people feel good. This will make other people see you as a positive person and want to be around you.
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Look your best

If you’re asking how to get a guy to notice you and you don’t dress well then read on. It’s fine to wear clothes that show a bit of skin, but wearing trashy clothes will give guys the wrong idea. You don’t necessarily need to keep up to date fashion wise (as most guys have no idea about women’s fashion anyway) but you do need to make sure that your clothes fit your body type, go well together and are clean. On top of this, please remember that most guys like girls who don’t wear much make up, so if possible try to cut down on how much you apply.

Be social

So many girls just hope that the man of their dreams will somehow discover them. This only happens in the movies folks. A much better way of getting a guy to notice you is to put yourself out there and be social.  Find out what events the guys you like go to and go with your friends. It’s that easy. When you get there talk to other people besides just your friends and soon guys will start noticing you as a social, cool person.

It’s okay to flirt

When you meet other guys, it’s a good idea to flirt with them, just a little bit, even if you are not particularly attracted to them. This is great as the guys you flirt with may get attracted to you. Having lots of guys telling their friends that they are attracted to you will in turn make other guys (who you may not even know) attracted to you. Make sure you flirt in a very relaxed way, touch his arm, laugh and giggle a little more than you usually would and make sure to be complimentary of him.

Be a challenge

Guys like a challenge; they want to be with a girl who is desired by other men. They want to feel like they were the lucky one who got you.  By being social and flirty you will make other men desire you. Having men desire you is probably the best way to get a guy to notice you.

If he still doesn’t notice you….

If you’ve followed the above advice on how to get a guy to notice you and he still hasn’t noticed you then take the first step. So many girls are afraid to take the initiative when it comes to chatting up a guy. Instead they wait and wait and WAIT for the guy to come and talk to them. You don’t have to ask a guy out on a date, but by simply approaching him and making the effort to talk to him, you are massively increasing your chances of him liking you. Just make sure that when you do start talking to him, you are talking about something fun and flirty. There’s no point going up to the guy you like and asking him something mundane (like what the time is, etc). Chances are it won’t go anywhere. Instead you have to keep it fun and flirty.

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