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How to get a Girl to Give you Head

If you are figuring our how to get a girl to give you head, then chances are you are a little frustrated. Many people have used this article to successfully get their girl to give them great oral sex, so read on if you want to know how.

Note: You need to both be consenting adults otherwise you may be breaking the law

The most important thing is to relax

Don’t beg her! Ever!! So many guys just nag at their girlfriend and plead with her to go down on them and give them fellatio. This is a losing strategy. Not only will she not give you head, but she will also lose respect for you  because of all your begging.

Don’t make it a big deal

Lots of guys make a big deal out of getting a blowjob from their girl. Don’t be one of them. If your girlfriend thinks that you are desperate for a blowjob, then she will hold off and try use it as a bargaining chip. By not making a big deal out of it, she will see it as just another part of sex and making love.

Make sure she is very attracted to you

Check out the Pick Up Artist guide for more info on this. Girls who are very attracted to their boyfriends are much more likely to give them ‘favors’ than girls who don’t really care too much about their boyfriends. So you have to make sure the attraction is there.

Give her a little something first without asking for anything in return. You will find that by going down on your girl and eating her out or giving her cunnilingus, you will give her some really intense orgasms. By not asking (or begging for anything in return) she will assume that you giving her head is no big deal. Just like her giving you head is no big deal.

Now that you have eaten her out, it’s time to get your girl to give you head. First you want to start off slow. Just kissing her lips, cheeks, ears and neck. After doing this for a while and when she’s comfortable, move her hand down to your crotch so that she can start massaging you outside your pants. Make sure to tell her how good it feels. Then you need to move her hand inside your pants. The whole time you want to make sure that your girlfriend is totally comfortable. If she is not, then you need to stop.

After a few minutes of this (while making sure to tell her how good it feels), tell her that you like it wet and ask her to use some saliva as lubricant. This is the most important part of these how to get a girl to give you head instructions. It will get her used to using saliva when getting you off.

After she is using some saliva for a while, you need to just tell her how good it would feel to have her mouth on your penis. That’s it. At this stage she will either be happy to give you head or will refuse to which there is nothing you can do.

Check out the lovemaking techniques section for more great advice.

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