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How to French Kiss


Learning how to French kiss is probably the most fun thing you could possibly do, especially if it’s with how to french kiss, kissing, kiss, lips, tonguesomeone you like. To those of you who are sometimes confused between the two, French kissing is exactly the same as making out.

The first thing before even considering making out or French kissing someone, is to make sure the person you have chosen to French kiss if someone you like and are attracted to…This is probably the most difficult part of the whole process.

Presuming that you have someone that you would like to French kiss, there are a few things that you need to take care of before actually kissing him or her.


Firstly before even thinking about kissing you need to take care of your dental hygiene. Make sure you have no serious problems with fresh breath, that means get treated for any gum disease or other problems affecting your breath.

Once you have your breath sorted out, make sure that your teeth are clean. Not only should they be clean but having white teeth is much more inviting than having yellow teeth.

The final thing to take care of is your lips. Make sure your lips are soft, so use a moisturizer to prevent them from becoming chapped.

The actual How to French kiss part

 So now that you’re looking your best it’s time for the actual kissing part. The best place to kiss or French kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend is somewhere private, so if you are intending on French kissing someone try to find a private place to do it in.

Now that you are alone and together, it’s important that you are comfortable with each other’s touch, otherwise going straight in for a kiss might come as a shock to your significant other. Before going in for the actual kiss it’s a good idea to be looking at your partner in the eyes while holding eye contact and every once in a while glance to their lips, then back to their eyes. This will let them know that you have French kissing on your mind.

Finally, we get to the actual kissing part of this how to French kiss article. As you move your head towards your partner to initiate the kiss, your partner will either keep their head still or move their head towards yours if they want to kiss you back.

It’s important to make sure your head is tilted to the side so that your noses don’t get in the way of each other’s lips. Just before the your mouth has reached your partner’s mouth, open it slightly. Once your mouths touch, keep them pressed slightly together and using your tongue to massage your partners tongue. After a while you can move your head so that it’s to the other side of your partners head.

Every once in a while it can be nice to switch from French kissing your partner to normal kissing, where you’re just massaging their lives with your lips. Or even to move from kissing their lips kissing either their neck or their ear.

One important caveat when learning how to French kiss is to make sure that you are not too aggressive with your tongue. You may have heard the phrases, “It was like a washing machine” or “That kiss was like tonsil tennis”. Some people like this type of kissing, but a lot of people find it unsavory.

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