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How to Flirt with Men


Knowing exactly how to flirt with men is the difference between being known as the ‘cat lady’ and marrying the man of your dreams. Not knowing how to flirt is the cause of a lot of misery in women’s lives. That’s why we’ve put together a really simple but effective solution for girls who want to know how to improve their flirting skills.

Treat him like your little brother

So many girls think they are flirting with a man when in actual fact they are acting like his own personal lap dog. They follow him around, laugh at all his jokes and never challenge him. Sometimes they even buy these guys drinks. This is wrong, wrong, WRONG!

Guys might say that girls who do these things are women they like. This is only a half-truth. They might like you, but they are not attracted to you. You haven’t done anything to make him attracted yet.

By treating him like your little brother, you might do things like

Saying, “Shush now dear, the grown ups are speaking!”

Saying, “I bet your mom wouldn’t be proud of how you are acting.”

Picking an imaginary piece of lint off his clothes and saying, “Tut, tut, we need to get you some clean clothes, young man!”

By saying these things in a teasing voice but with a smile or smirk on your face, you’re showing this guy that you are playful and fun, but are not going to take bad behaviour from him lightly.

Flirt by telling him why things would never work out between you two.

Many girls think that telling him that they like him is how to flirt with men. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Flirting really kicks up a gear when you put up ‘pretend resistance’ to his advances. Telling a guy that you really like him, but that things won’t work out because his shoes don’t match his belt is both funny and flirty (provided you say it in a joking way with a smile, otherwise he will think you are just flat out insulting him).

You don’t have to use that exact line though. The general gist of what is trying to be conveyed here is that you do like him, but because of some other (usually ridiculous) circumstance, things just aren’t going to work out between you two. It could be because he likes Britney Speares or that you never trust a man who doesn’t drink alcohol.

Flirt by giving him space

Another area that us girls often go wrong when learning how to flirt wit men is how much attention we give to a guy. Many of us believe that to get a guy to like us, we need to spend lots of time with him. This has the opposite effect of attracting him. By spending too much time with a guy, he will eventually get bored of you as he can have you any time he wants.

Instead you need to be almost out of his reach. You can’t just easily kiss him the first time he tries, you shouldn’t answer every single phone call you get from him and you shouldn’t let him decide where you go on every date. This might not seem like the classic type of flirting, but it works as it makes him want you more than you chasing after him.

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