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How to Flirt with a Guy


When you know how to flirt with a guy then dating becomes very easy. Using these flirting tips will improve your dating life and relationships with men. More importantly, being a good flirt will give you options with guys. Just remember that while these tips are useful, you can’t rely on them alone to attract men, you also need to be able to hold a good Conversation.

Hook him then Release him

Many girls get caught up with that phrase, “Treat him mean, keep him keen”. Treating a guy mean might work sometimes, but it will leave him feeling resentful and does not lead to a lasting, trusting relationship. Instead you need to flirt in a way that pushes him away and then pulls him back in. Some examples of things you can say are:

“I really like your shoes…..did your mom buy them for you?” said with a smirk/smile to let him know that you aren’t being serious.

“I have something I have to tell you……wait, I can’t tell you right now, maybe later”

You may notice that both of these comments may sound harsh or mean but when said with a smile or smirk it shows guys that you are only playing and are not really that serious about hurting their feelings. The structure is to hook their interest with a pleasant comment, then release it by saying something playful, cheeky and a little mean.

Flirt in private

If you are going to flirt with a guy, then it’s best to do it when there aren’t too many people around to hear what you are saying to each other. This makes your flirting more intimate and meaningful than if you were flirting in front of your friends. It allows your boy to relax and actually open up to you without having the pressure of being watched by his friends.

Don’t be too sexual

When you do get a chance to flirt with a guy you like, make sure that you are not acting too sexual. Nothing kills sexual tension more than being blatantly sexual when chatting or flirting. It’s much better to hint at the naughty stuff than it is to come right out with something overtly sexual.
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Example 1
“If you don’t behave, I might have to do something about it” (said with a sly smile)

Example 2
“If you don’t behave, then there will be no sex”.

The first example is good, as it will get a guy thinking about what might or might not happen.

The second example is terrible as it shows a guy exactly what you are thinking about. This is not attractive and will not keep a guy interested for long.

Don’t flirt forever

It’s good to use flirting to spice up your interactions with guys, but don’t rely on it as your only conversational technique. A good flirter is one who can have a normal conversation and say something flirty every once in a while. You do not need to have a clever comment for every response.

Be interested

People sometimes think that learning how to flirt with a guy is all about saying funny or cheeky things. It is, but you also need to be interested in the guy you are flirting with. To do this, you need to ask him questions about things that are genuinely important to both of you. While this may not seem like a great way to flirt, it is very effective at making a guy attracted to you.

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