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How to Eat Out a Girl

Learning how to eat out a girl is crucial if you don’t want her to leave you. Before beginning to eat out your girl, there are a few important things to bear in mind

Make sure that you are both clean and hygienic. That means you need to brush your teeth before going down on your girl. She has to make sure that she is clean also otherwise you may not enjoy the experience as much as she does. So make sure she has a shower or at least goes to the bathroom to make sure she is tidy down there. Also make sure that you are polite about this and don’t make her feel uncomfortable.

Now you are ready to start learing how to eat out a girl, but first make sure that you are both comfortable. Girls will have the best orgasms as they are been eaten out when they are in a comfortable place like a bed or even a chair. You will also find that lighting candles, playing good music and using incense can add to the mood.

Now that your woman is comfortable, it’s time to get down to learning how to eat a girl out properly. Many guys get a little too excited and never properly eat their girl out, so follow these steps and she will be satisfied every time.

Don’t forget about foreplay. You may think that you should go straight to eating out your girl. Don’t! It’s important to slowly build up anticipation so that when you do go down on her, she will already be soaking. So start off with kissing her lips, cheeks, neck, ears all the way down to her feet and back up again. Stop every once in a while close to her vaginal area to tease her with what is to come. As well as kissing her, use your hands to massage her.

Use mouthwash. Period. It is important that you teeth are clean for hygiene purposes but using mouthwash has a slightly different purpose. First it will give everything ‘down there’ a nice minty smell so you won’t be disgusted by any ‘funky smells’. Secondly it will give your girl a cool sensation as you are eating her out, something that adds to the pleasure your girl will experience. If there is one thing you can take from this how to eat out a girl article, it’s that you should always use mouthwash.

Use your fingers. So many guys forget that as they are eating out a girl, they should also be using their fingers. You can either insert them into her vagina or use them on the outside to stimulate and massage her clitoris and labia.

Some girls like it when you simulate intercourse by thrusting your tongue in and out. Some girls  like being licked around the entrance to the vagina. Some girls prefer to have their clitoris’ licked. Most like a combination of all three. Use your tongue to make a side-to-side motion or up-and-down motion or a circular motion. Most girls prefer when you vary between all three.

The tips here are based on this best selling book. If you still can’t please your girl after reading my short tips, then you must take action and read this book.

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