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How to Cum – Orgasm Tips for Girls

Learning how to cum is not difficult. Having gotten many emails from frustrated girlfriends and married women that can’t orgasm properly and fully, we decided to put together a step-by-step guide to teach you how to make yourself cum. Just follow these simple steps and you will soon be having powerful orgasms.

Before you learn these awesome techniques on how to orgasm, just remember that you are not the only one. There are many girls and even some guys out there that have trouble reaching orgasm and cumming.

There are two distinct problems that women have. First is not being able to cum when you are pleasuring yourself. Second is not being able to cum during sex. We will discuss both here, but we’ll begin by discussing how to cum when pleasuring yourself.

How to Make Yourself Cum

The first step to making yourself cum is learning to relax. Obviously this may sound difficult, but you will find that the best way to relax is to make sure that you don’t have any serious commitments for a few hours. So make sure that you take care of any work, be it laundry, tidying your place, or even paying bills. So now you’ll have a few hours free of any commitments.

(Hint: Try to organize to have this free time in the evening)

Now that you have some time to yourself, you need to start putting yourself in the mood. Think of this as the foreplay (a serious part of learning how to cum).

Examples of this could be:

->Taking a long, hot bath.

->Listening to that song that really arouses you.

->Lighting candles in your bedroom.

->Reading a few chapters of a romantic book.

->Putting on clothes or lingerie that makes you feel really sexy.

This could take you up to 4 hours. The longer the better as it will help to build anticipation. Remember this is a serious part of learning to cum properly, don’t skip it.

Next you need to get into bed. You may find that you are more comfortable under the covers, but it’s up to you. The same goes for using a lubricant or massage oil to help you to cum. Only use them if you want to.

Now you need to slowly start caressing your body where it feels best. Just lightly massage yourself. Remember that there’s no rush. Don’t even think about having an orgasm, just find the places and parts of your body that are most sensitive and give the most pleasure. Concentrate on these areas while increasing the intensity with which you rub and caress them.

Making yourself have an orgasm is not just about the physical, it’s also a very cerebral or emotional experience. So you may have a fantasy or a memory of when you were incredibly turned on by something. Use this to your advantage when learning how to cum, start thinking about that fantasy or arousing moment.

As you concentrate more and more on only the most sensitive and pleasurable (erogenous) zones, you will start to to become even more aroused. Increase your arousal further by massaging yourself faster and more firmly until eventually you orgasm or cum.

You may fell a little weird or exhausted after you climax, but that’s completely normal and nothing to be worried about, it’s because you just came.

Some Tips
Make sure you won’t be disturbed the entire time.

You don’t have to be in the bedroom, just make sure that it’s a comfortable place and make sure that place is warm.

You may find that reading an erotic novel while massaging yourself to be the best for reaching orgasm and climaxing.

And finally, there is no rush when you are learing how to cum: Some people take a few hours, some people take a 10 minutes, different people take longer than others.

How to Cum during Sex

According to the a recent study, 75% of women don’t orgasm during sexual intercourse, so if you are having trouble climaxing during sex, then don’t worry, it’s completely normal. However cumming during sex is a wonderful feeling, so follow these awesome tips to make sure that you do cum during nookie.

Just like learning to cum on your own, cuming during sex requires you to be able to relax. So don’t necessarily expect to orgasm the first time you are with a new man. Both guys and girls often find that they are a little nervous the first few times they sleep with each other. As a result you may find it hard to relax. Don’t worry, this is totally normal!

However after a while when you are with the same guy, you will slowly become more relaxed. When you do feel comfortable with your man, you can go through almost the exact same process as described in the making yourself cum section.

Take some time to feel sexy, wear clothes that make you feel sexy and make sure that you are in a place that feels sexy.

Next, make sure that your man understands foreplay. Tell him that you need it (Sometimes men forget how important it is for women as guys can get aroused so quickly and easily).

If you want to cum during sex then you’ll need to give your man directions. If you’ve never done it before then don’t sweat, it’s really easy.

When he’s touching you in an area that feels really good, just let out a sigh, “That feels so good” or “Just there” or “Higher” or “Faster”. It will let him know where to focus on and what to do. And don’t worry, men are just as worried about pleasing you as you are about pleasing them so they will listen.

Top Tip: You will find that a lot of the cowgirl love making positions are fantastic for clitoral stimulation.

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