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How to Cum More


These simple sex tips for guys will teach you how to cum more.

Note: If you are a girl wanting to know How to cum, then click here.

Rule 1: Don’t Masterbate for 48 hours.

The most important secret to shooting more cum is making sure that you don’t ‘exhaust your reserves’ before you want to shoot a big load. That means don’t wank or masterbate for 2 days before ‘the big event’.

Your testicles are continuously producing semen or cum. After a while, there is a build up of the amount of semen in your testicles. If you don’t use it while it’s fresh and healthy, then your body will get rid of it.

So if you wait for a whole week without cumming, then your body will just get rid of the excess and unhealthy sperm/semen. It won’t save it up. So there will not be an ever increasing amount of semen when you do ejaculate or cum.

Rule 2: Stay hydrated.

This does not mean that you should drink a gallon of water right before you plan on cuming! Instead it’s important that you are never too thirsty. Seminal fluid is mostly made up of water. So if there is no water in you body, your testicles will not have access to much water when making semen or cum, meaning less cum. So make sure to adequately hydrate yourself.

Rule 3: Use foreplay

This next rule can be a little frustrating for guys, but will greatly help you to shoot more cum. Most guys report that they create more cum and shoot bigger loads when they are engage in foreplay or something similar for up to an hour before having sex.

Rule 4: Use Fantasies

A great way to produce more cum when you are ejaculating is to use fantasies. Most guys have loads of fantasies. Get your girlfriend to dress up in a way that really turns you on or even imagine a scene that really turns you on before you cum. This will help you produce more cum than usual

Some things to avoid

When learning how to produce more cum, there are a few things that you must avoid. You will find that you produce more cum or semen when you:

Don’t smoke

Don’t drink

Cut out caffeine based drinks

Eat healthier foods, including: Whole wheats and cereal, brown rice and cut out simple sugars (glucose-fructose syrup, etc.).

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