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How to Chat Up a Girl


Learning how to chat up a girl does not have to be difficult. Following these simple steps will make chatting up girls easy. Just remember that this process takes time. Real Dating Tips can only give you the tools to improve your ability to talk and flirt with women. It’s up to you to put them into practice.

Get out of your comfort zone

The only way to improve something in your life is to get out of your comfort zone. You may feel awkward, weird and maybe even a little unsure of yourself, but by doing difficult things now, you will be making it easier for yourself later to chat up women.

Think of learning to drive a car as an analogy. At first you are very nervous and have to think of ten things at once. With practice and lessons however, you quickly become more confident and before you know it, you are talking with your friends whilst driving.

Now that you know the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, you need to do specific exercises.

Chat up Strangers

This may seem difficult at first, but the next time you are on a bus, train or plane, you’ll most likely be sitting next to a complete stranger. You are going to ask them a simple question and then continue the conversation from there. Ask for the time, directions or if they know how long till the next stop.

These are easy, normal questions that anybody can ask, as they are closed-ended questions and don’t require a lot of effort from people to answer them.

Next you need to ask open-ended questions and aim to have a 3-minute conversation with the stranger. The easiest way to start of the conversation is to make a comment on something they are wearing or doing and ask them about it. It could be about a book they are reading, a cool coat they are wearing or even asking them what they are listening to on their i-pod.

How to chat up a girl

Now comes the part you’ve obviously been waiting for. Once you are comfortable talking to strangers, then chatting up a girl will be no problem. First you need to find a girl that you like. Once you have spotted her, you need to approach her in a non-threatening way (so she won’t be creeped out by you). The best way to approach a girl in a non-threatening way is to approach from the side.

Once you get close to her, you can either make an observational comment on something she is wearing or doing, like, “Hey, you’ve got a really cool pair of sun glasses, where’d you get them?” Or you can go direct and say, “Hey, you look really cute. What’s your name?” Then once you are both talking, it’s important to flirt a little bit. Check out these Dating Tips for Guys for some great techniques on flirting.

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