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How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend


This system on how to catch a cheating boyfriend is down and dirty. It’s most definitely not for the faint hearted.

The most important thing you can do to catch him is make sure he doesn’t know that you are trying to catch him. There is a lot of garbage out there that says you should have a chat with your man or that you should tell him that you believe in honesty and integrity. This crap doesn’t work. If your boyfriend is cheating on you, then he is a liar, with no honesty and integrity. If he is sneaking around behind your back, trying not to get caught, why would he tell you to your face.

Appearing as if ‘All is Normal’

This first step when learing how to catch a cheating boyfriend is the most important. If a guy knows that you are trying to catch him cheating, then he will be on his guard and be extra careful not to get caught. But if knows nothing of what you’re doing, then he will become lazy and eventually slip up letting you catch him being unfaithful. So this means not confronting him or acting really jealous as doing so will get his defences up. So act as if all is well.

Check his Phone when he is not around

When your man is in the shower, quickly check his phone to see who he is texting and talking to. Make sure to check the inbox and outbox, calls made and calls received. If you find nothing then all may be fine, but often cheating boyfriends use guys names instead of girls to cover up their texts. Check the first ten to twenty texts, you may find that his friend ‘John’ is calling him baby and using ‘x’ a lot. Hopefully this is obvious, but ‘John’ is clearly a girl. Write down the number and so you can get a girlfriend to call and see who it is.

Check his computer

Girls sometimes get very jealous when their man receives posts on his facebook wall from other admiring girls. These are nothing to worry about. It’s the private posts that should worry you. Preferably find out his e-mail password as private facebook messages get sent (in full) to his email. That way you can read the messages he gets from other girls. Also try and find out his facebook password so you can check the messages he sends to other girls.

Set a trap

 If you want to catch your boyfriend cheating, a great technique to use is to set a ‘girl trap’. Get one of your cute friends to text him or get in touch privately out of the blue. Get her to say something pretty innocent like, “Hey hot stuff, what are you up to for the weekend?” How he responds is how he truly feels about you. If he says, “Nothing, let’s catch up, but we need to be discrete” then you have a cheater on your hands. If he tells you about the message, then chances are you have a faithful man on your hands.

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