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How to become an Alpha Male


Want to learn how to become an alpha male? There is not just one single factor that you need to know to become an alpha male, there are many. Having all these factors will add up to you becoming the leader of the pack and guy all the girls want.


 This is crucial. Women want a man with confidence. This is why they will constantly test you, to see if you really are a confident guy. Confidence refers to how to go about your life. Are you happy to take on challenges in life or do they make you scared? Do you work for yourself (or even plan to work for yourself) or do you work for someone else? Do you live your life the way you want to or do other people dictate to you how you live it? The most important thing you can do to become more confident is to take control of your life and be happy to make the difficult decisions that come with taking responsibility for your life.

Body Language

This is massively important when learning how to become an alpha male, your body language and how you hold yourself. Are your eyes always looking at the ground? Do speak with a trembling voice? Do you ask for permission to speak? Confident people don’t do these things, they are comfortable in themselves. They make eye contact with the people they are talking to. They speak clearly so that people can hear them and they never ask permission to speak.


When you think of an alpha male, do you imagine a fat, greasy slob sitting in a cubicle? HELL NO! Alpha males are the fit, athletic guys you see playing sports. Beta males are the ones who spend their weekends playing video games. Getting to the gym and getting fit is a start, but if you really want to become an alpha male you should start playing sports. This is what true alpha males do.

Alpha males know when to let go

A true alpha male is a leader, but he knows when to step to the side and let others shine. Everyone has been to a party where there is one guy who just will not shut up and let other people contribute to the conversation. This is beta male behavior. Alpha males are comfortable that they are the leader, so they don’t feel they need to constantly prove themselves by monopolizing the conversation. If you really want to know how to become an alpha male, then learn to let go.

Don’t try to impress

 Like we said above, alpha males are people who are comfortable in their own skin, they don’t feel that they have to constantly exert their presence or impress people. Imagine these 2 scenarios where you are asked about your trip to Las Vegas:

1.    Vegas was insane, we had the best time ever, we drank more than anyone I’ve ever known, hooked up with so many girls that I can’t even remember how many and won $10,000 on the blackjack tables.
2.    It was pretty fun, but you know what they say about Vegas, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, said with a smirk/smile.

In the first example, it’s obvious that you are trying to impress people. The second example is not trying to impress anyone. The second example also gives off the vibe of not caring what other people think. Which sounds more alpha to you?

Developing these traits takes time and discipline. You have to be able to recognize when you are acting like a beta male and be able to correct it. This process of developing the traits of being an alpha male takes time, but bear with it and you’ll soon be seen as the alpha male of your group.

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