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How to be Good in Bed

The key to learning how to be good in bed is to keep an open mind. Many guys and girls are afraid to be vulnerable and to admit that they need to learn new lovemaking techniques or love making positions to be better in bed. Having an open mind gives you the ability to say, “Hey, I need to get better at this.”

This article is going to teach YOU a crucial rule for arousing your partner, the two steps foreward and one step back rule.

But first, understand that getting better in bed doesn’t only involve sex. There’s more to being good in the bedroom than just sex.


There are only a few key foreplay techniques that you need to master in order to be on your way to being great in bed. You need to be able to happily delay gratification. By delaying gratification you will make it much more enjoyable when you both do climax.

Foreplay for Guys

Many women think that guys don’t need or want foreplay. That’s just not true. Foreplay has the effect of teasing and titillating men so that they are almost begging for sex. A great and simple system of foreplay to use on guys is to first start off by kissing them, then taking off their clothes, then using your hands to arouse him before then going down on him for a short while and then moving on to sex.

Foreplay for Women

This is a little trickier to get right but far more important. Think of women like the volume knob on the radio and you are trying to turn it all the way up to 10, but are starting out at zero.

First begin by slowly massaging and kissing your girl. Then slowly begin to undress her while rubbing and kissing her body (this should last between 5-20 minutes). After doing this for a while, move on to massaging her breasts and vagina areas before entering her with your fingers.

How to be good in bed after the foreplay

The entire time that you are arousing your partner, you want to approach it by taking two steps forward and one step back, so that your girl or guy is being teased slightly the whole time, making them want more from you throughout the entire time that you are arousing them and having sex.

This two steps back and one step forward framework needs to be done without your loved one telling you to stop. So you could move from kissing their neck for a few minutes to then just massaging it. Or you could go from rubbing and stimulating their genital region to kissing their neck and back. Or you could go from full penetration to stopping for a little bit and using your mouth to stimulate your partner’s vagina/penis.

These are just a few simple, yet powerful tips on how to be good in bed, but if you really want to be a fantastic lover and great in bed then you should get advice from an expert. This guy is so good that he was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show and has luckily decided to publish a book on being good in bed. If you are interested in improving further then I highly suggest that you click this link to find out more.

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