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How to be a Good Kisser


Learning how to be a good kisser does not have to be frustrating process. One of the most beneficial how to be a good kisser, kissing, how to kiss, kissing tipsmindsets to have when learning how to be a great kisser is to treat each kissing experience as a learning experience.

Some things to keep in mind

The most important thing to learn when dating if you want to be a good kisser is how to make the other person you are kissing feel comfortable. This comes down to the simple concept of empathy. While this article is not dedicated to the massive and broad subject of empathy there a few simple things to keep in mind;

Avoid doing things that make your kissing partner feel awkward or uncomfortable. On that note, focus on their body language.

If their arms are crossed, they are turned away from you, they are not touching you and they are uncomfortable when you touch them then they obviously do not want to be kissed by you.

However if they are turned towards you, they are touching you a lot and they are comfortable when you touch them then he can be quite confident that they are ready to be kissed by you.

Not only should you focus on your partner’s body language when you are learning how to be a good kisser, you also need to focus on what is coming out of your mouth. If you are talking about something mundane such as the current economic situation or why you disagree with Einstein’s theory of relativity, then chances are that your partner is not being put in a mood to kiss or to be kissed. However if you are talking about a more intimate subject that involves emotions more than facts, then you are less likely to have your case for kissing rejected.

Having clean, white teeth is obviously important and should not be forgotten if you truly want to know how to be a good kisser. The same goes for having fresh breath and keeping your lips moisturized.

If you have read the above advice on how to be a good kisser, then you will be well presented and be ready to go in for the kiss or make out.

The kissing part

how to be a good kisser, kissing tips, how to kiss Presuming, you have stuck to emotional topics that are of interest to both of you and there is at least some touching happening, then trying for the kiss would be a good idea.

Before leaning in for kiss, it’s a good idea to look at your partner’s lips to give them an idea of what’s on your mind. As you lean in, the first thing you want to do is suck on either their top lip or their bottom lip. It’s important to do this gently and softly in a manner that’s very slow, so that you are massaging their lips with your lips.

If you started by kissing your girlfriends or boyfriends top lip then after 15 to 20 seconds switch to kissing their bottom lip, or vice versa. After one or two minutes of alternating kissing the top or bottom lip with your lips you can try to start French kissing your partner.

To do this, you’ll need to move your head. Imagine trying to get your ear to touch your shoulder, so that your head is tilted slightly on its side. As she/he does this, it’s natural for your partner to tilt their head to the side also. Now you can start opening up your mouth and use your tongue to massage their tongue. Just like before where you alternated between kissing their top and bottom lips you can turn your head from side to side.

More types of kissing

After a while, alternating between kissing your partners top lips or French kissing them you may find yourself becoming a little bored, you may even find yourself becoming a little bored with French kissing.

One thing you can use to spice up your kissing is to gently use your teeth to softly and gently bite your partner’s lips. It’s really important to remember not to hurt your partner but only to use your teeth to softly bite your partner’s lips.

Sometimes people even get a little bored of using their teeth as well as their tongue. What you can now do is move your head, so instead of kissing your partner’s mouth, start kissing their neck. This is intensely pleasurable. The last and final thing you can do with their neck is to gently use your teeth again and softly bite their neck. Make sure you do not hurt your partner.

Another sensitive area of people’s faces is their earlobe. Kissing their earlobe and massaging in with your lips is very enjoyable and is most likely something your partner would like.

Hopefully these tips on how to be a good kisser will help you improve your kissing ability, something that everyone finds attractive and seductive. Just remember it’s not just your kissing ability it’s also your appearance so keep your teeth white and clean, your breath fresh and your lips soft.

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