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How To Attract Guys – 4 Things

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These 4 things are crucial when it comes to attracting a guy.

#1 What You Can Learn From Cats…

Think about a cat and a piece of yarn for a minute…bear with me!

If the yarn is just lying on the ground lifeless, not moving, the cat won’t even look at it.

But if you start to move the yarn, pulling it up and down in front of the cats face, the cat will be attracted towards it. It will eventually start to chase it.

The more the cat can ‘almost’ catch it, the more it wants it and the harder it chases.


If the cat does catch the piece of yarn, it will quickly get bored of it and start doing something else.

“But how does this help you when trying to attract a man?”

Well it’s because it’s a perfect analogy for girls and guys. Men are like cats. If you are playful and elusive, they’ll want you more and more.

If you are incredibly easy to ‘catch’, the less interested the guy will be.

If you’d like to learn specific examples of how you can be elusive and playful around guys (without it being weird), then you should check out the FREE Bad Girl’s Bible newsletter.

#2 Looks DO Count. Sorry If That Hurt.

The fact is that looks are an important factor for attracting guys. We don’t mean to be mean. But it’s true.

Luckily looks are almost completely within your control.

Kim Kardashian knows this.

So does Michelle Phan. See how she looks completely different in this video.

So what can you do to maximize your looks:

It’s about what clothes you choose for your body.

It’s about what make up you wear (Sometimes no make up is best)

It’s about how you style your hair

It’s about your body language & posture

We don’t have time to go into each point in this article.

#3 Don’t Lose Contact!!!

Ever hear the phrase…

“Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind”

It’s completely true.

When you are not in regular contact with a guy, he will start to forget about you. So you need to be at the forefront of his mind.

The best tactics for staying in a guy’s conciousness are the more subtle ones.

These are things like;

-Hanging out in the same places that he hangs out in.

-Being friends with his friends

Things that you should do fairly infrequently;

-Send him an SMS

-Post on his facebook wall

-Email Him

-Call Him

Being a part of his everyday life is a must if you want to attract him.

#4 Looks Get You In The Door, But…

While looks are certainly an important factor for attracting guys, don’t get carried away.

You need more than just good looks to attract and keep a man.

You need to be interesting and fun to be around.

Being boring and dull will turn off 80% of men. It’s sad to say that 20% of guys are happy to date a dull, but attractive girl. Hint: Avoid these guys like the plague!

The easiest way to be fun and interesting is to do fun and interesting things. This could be playing a fun sport, traveling to cool and interesting places or having a good social life.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make yourself more interesting and attractive to be around, as well as learning how to be a sexual goddess then you should check out the free Bad Girl’s Bible newletter, it’s absolutely free.
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