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How to ask a girl out


Knowing when and how to ask a girl out is crucial to your dating success. There are a few mistakes and hurdles you will need to pass to make sure you get a ‘yes’ every time.

Does she already like you?

how to ask a girl out, cool dates, hot chick, mirror So many guys seem to think that romantic movies from Hollywood are true to life. They aren’t. Attraction and dating are not the same as you see them in the movies. Asking a girl out that barely knows you is rarely going to work. Sure she may go on one or two dates with you. But if she is not attracted then she won’t stick around. You need to get her attracted to you if you want to date her. You can do this by having other girls in your life, by teasing her a little and generally being flirty with her whenever you 2 hang out. Check out these Dating Tips for Guys for more great info.

Find out if she likes you

If you’re not sure whether or not she likes you, then find out! Just make sure that you are subtle. Signs how to ask a girl out, dating, asian chicksthat she is interested include:

-Her making prolonged eye contact with you.

-Her touching you more than is normal for ‘just friends’.

-Her making excuses to hang out with you.

-Her telling your friends that she likes you.

Once you know that she likes you for sure then you can be pretty positive that she’ll want to go out with you on a date if she gets a chance.

To go on a date or not to go on a ‘date’

The next part to learning how to ask a girl out is the actual asking her to go out on a date part. This is where most guys screw up. You see, girls hate social awkwardness. They hate the idea that they may be stuck on a date with you that’s painfully awkward or weird. They really do fear going on a dinner date with a guy and sitting there in silence.

To combat this, you need to organize to do something cool with her. Check out these Cool Date Ideas for some good first date ideas. Now, it’s very important that when you do ask the girl you like out on a date, you do it in a way that is appealing to her. Asking a girl out to dinner will set off her ‘awkward date alarm’. However telling her about a cool arcade that you’d think she’d like or saying that you were thinking of checking out the fun fair and that she should come along is far more likely to get a yes.

To sum up, try and ensure that the girl you want to ask out on a date is attracted to you before asking her out. When you do ask her out, make sure to keep it relaxed and fun.

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