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Hot Pick Up Lines


These hot pick up lines are bound to excite and arouse the girls (or guys) you use them on. Just make sure that you are respectful when using them as you don’t necessarily want to sound arrogant or over confident. A lot of people find the Pick Up Artist guide or Dating Tips for Guys useful also as tools for learning how to attract and seduce women. Check them out by clicking the links.

“Hey there, you look just about cute enough for me to talk to, I’m [your name].”

“Is it rude to tell you that I think you are absolutely gorgeous?”

“I never thought that I would see a beautiful girl like you in a cheap place like this. What are you doing here?”

“You have the best butt in this place! Did you get it from your momma?”

“I don’t think I have ever seen someone so beautiful……tonight……in this part of the bar.”

“Why haven’t I met you before. I’m like the coolest guy in the joint, yet you haven’t introduced yourself yet. What’s up with that?”

“So, when are you and me going to get together? I can’t wait all night.”

“If you had an identical twin sister, that would be just perfect…..Do you?…….Also you better both be bisexual!”

“I wasn’t going to come out tonight, I was a little tired. But dam I’m glad I did, because I got a chance to meet a hot girl like you.”

“Dam girl, you must be on steroids or something, because I haven’t seen anyone this hot in years!”

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