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Hilarious Pick Up Lines


These hilarious pick up lines are funny, weird and sometimes even a little insulting, but great for starting conversations. If you want to know what to do after using one of these funny pick up lines, then check out Dating Tips for Guys or the Pick Up Artist Guide.

Hilarious Pickup Lines

Just because I’m wearing a pink shirt doesn’t mean I’m a sissy

Guys with man bags, gay or super-gay.

Who wants to get pregnant?

Oh my god, how long has it been? Her: What are you talking about? You: Oh, I’m sorry, I thought you were the girl who had sex with me last night… about some sex?

What do you say me and you make like rabbits?

My watch has magic powers, it says that you aren’t wearing any knickers!? Her: Eh, yes I am! You: Oh, I’m sorry,  I forgot, it’s an hour too fast!

I can’t believe it, I asked Santa for a cute girl for Christmas. It’s (insert month) now…..Oh well better late than never.

I having an asthma attack just looking at you, can you give me the kiss of life…NOW!

I don’t normally try to pick up girls in bars, but girl you are just too fine not to at least try……so you come here often?

My friends call me the rocket, I was thinking of blasting off to Uranus, what do you say baby?

Just because I’m wearing a pink shirt doesn’t mean I’m a sissy

Oh my god, did we have sex last night? Her: No, I’ve never…(interrupt her) You: Oh I get it, you wanna play it cool in front of all your friends. That’s cool, can you even remember my name though?

Who has 2 thumbs and is like a rabbit in bed? Her: I have no idea! You(pointing to yourself with your thumbs): This guy!

You wanna see what the ceiling of my room looks like?

Oh my god, I’m wearing my best clothes with my brand new belt and matching shoes and you still haven’t even said hi, why not?!? Her: Well….What….I…. You: Hey, it’s okay baby, just buy me a drink to make it up to me.

So how does this work? Do I buy you a drink and then you give me the goods or what are the kids doing these days?

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