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Guy Gets Girl Review

At first I wasn’t sure if I should do this Guy Gets Girl Review. When I saw that this was a seduction ebook written by a woman, I was immediately a bit cautious. Everyone knows that nearly every single person involved in the seduction community is a guy. So my assumptions was that only guys could get this stuff right.

I was wrong.

Tiffany Taylor (the author) did a lot of research for this book and it is truly remarkable. She quickly delves into why men and women are so different and what this means if you want to attract them (and get laid). Obviously I can’t reprint the book here, but one of the single most important factors comes down to the fact that how men and women process things. ie men are primarily logical creatures, while women are far more emotional.

So, as a guy, you might think that telling a girl about your car, house and your job will make her attracted to you. It won’t. This is just your logical brain in action and is near useless when it comes to making a woman attracted to you.

Ever wonder why some women are attracted to total assholes and jerks? Guy Gets Girl explains why. But more importantly it distills down what specific things these jerks are doing to attract the girls. Why is this a good thing? Because you can take these specific behaviors and use them to attract a girl without ever being a jerk.

Reading this Guy Gets Girl review, you probably want to know what you will get when you purchase:

First up, you don’t get 1 book, you get 3!

 Book 1 contains everything you need to know on:
guy gets girl review, pick up artist, erik von markovik
> Getting over your fears and anxieties when approaching girls.

> Actually approaching girls in a smooth way.

> How you should present yourself and flirt with her.

> Handling the resulting relationship (which sounds like fun now, but can be quite annoying when you are juggling a few different girls)
guy gets girl, pick up artist, erik von markovik, neil strauss
Book 2 is all about how girls think and what they want. Remember how I said that girls think emotionally and guys think logically? This entire book is dedicated to what they think and what they want. Knowing this allows you to develop a strategy for exactly what to do and say to a girl you are trying to seduce or pick up

 Book 3 (Advanced Seduction) is exactly that. Think of the first 2 books as the foundation, while book 3 gets more in depth into topics such as
guy gets girl review, pick up artist, erik von markovik, neil strauss
> Understanding a woman’s body language and signals.

> Using a wingman.

> Getting her number (as in her real number!)

> Lastly it contains some very sneaky, stealth tactics.

So hopefully this Guy Gets Girl review gives you a good idea of what the book is about and what to expect from it. But before buying it, please remember a few important things:

This is not a magic pill. You won’t read this and then be able to magically attract every single girl you see.

However if you do read Guy Gets Girl, heed the advice Tiffany Taylor gives and take action, you will never be without a girl again.

Hope you liked my Guy Gets Girl review,


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