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Great Pick Up Lines


These great pick up lines will help you get any girl you want. It’s also a good idea to check out Dating Tips for Guys or the Pick Up Artist Guide for more info on picking up chicks while using pickup lines.

The important thing to remember when using these great chat up lines is that they are designed to actually get girls attracted to you. These lines may not be the same old ‘did you fall from heaven…’ lines. They are the real deal

You are really cute, why haven’t we met before.

What’s your star sign? You know what I don’t actually care, I just needed an excuse to come and talk to you.

Do you have a twin?
Her: No!
You: Oh, you just remind me of a girl I met before. Is your name Jessica?

Did we meet before?

Are you good at flirting? Her: Haha, yeah! You: Well this is only gonna work if you try hard coz I am probably a better flirter than you.

Most people shower like once a week, right? [said ironically]

Are you the jealous kind? Because you gotta be cool and not jealous if you want this to work.

Hey, you remind me of myself, we should totally get to know each other [make sure to sound a bit ironic when saying this].

Oh my god. Anna! [Then go in to hug her. Obviously it’s not Anna. Just pretend that she looks exactly like a ‘friend’ called Anna].

Hey, this girl that’s been stalking put some pill in my drink, could you test it to make sure it’s not poison? [said ironically. Obviously she is going to say no. Remember this is not serious. You need to say it jokingly].

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