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Good Pick Up Lines


Want some good pick up lines?  No problem but remember that great pickup lines and lines that actually get you the girl. There are a never ending array of funny, dirty, crazy and nasty pick up lines out there, but unfortunately most of these will never, ever get you a girl. Instead you need a good chat up line, one that actually gets girls attracted, so instead of giving a girl a quarter and telling her to, “call your mom, tell her you’re not coming home tonight!” use some of these great lines.

Firstly, you can be sincere and tell her how you really feel, provided that you actually mean it and really believe what you are saying.

“Hey, I noticed you walking through the bar and you really took my breath away, I had to come and say hi, I’m [your name].”

90% of the time, this is the only pick up line you will ever need!

However if you aren’t entirely comfortable saying something like this, then you might want to be a little less forward.

Try this:

“Hi, I don’t normally just approach strangers in a bar, but you are really cute, I would be mad at myself for not at least saying hi to a girl as cute as you. I’m [your name].”

For most girls, hearing something like this (if you are truly genuine) will be incredibly flattering and they will most likely be happy you said it.

If you are still find that you are a little nervous using a chat up line that forward, try this:

“Hey guys, sorry for interrupting, but you look friendly, I thought that I would come say hi, I’m [your name].”

Chances are that no girl will refuse to talk to you after using a line as polite as that.

Another type of good pick up lines are ones that filter out the girls you don’t like. The purpose of these lines is so that you get rejected immediately by girls that don’t meet your criteria.

So instead of approaching a girl and hoping that she likes you, you are approaching and quickly finding out if she is the kind of girl you would want to hang out with.

The general formula for these type of chat up lines is:

“Hey, I wasn’t going to come talk to you guys, but decided to come over because you look [insert quality you are looking for here]. Are you?”

Hopefully from reading this article on good pickup lines you can appreciate that the best ones (ie the ones that get you girls that you want) are the ones that are sincere and filter out girls you don’t like and aren’t naturally compatible with.

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