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Good Conversation Starters

Why choosing a great conversation starter is important


What should I say?

When choosing good conversation starters for a date or even when you are going out just to pick up girls or meet guys, there are a few crucial points to keep in mind.
  • Good conversation starters always involve topics that are engaging, topics that both men and women want to give their opinion on.
  • Great conversation starters are always open ended. To be specific, they do not get one word answers from people. An example of a closed ended conversation starter is, “What’s the time?” An example of an open ended conversation starter is, “What’s worse? Spilling your drink on yourself or spilling your drink on your date?”
  • You may have heard that first impressions matter most. This is completely true. That’s why preparing a good opening line ahead of time is important. It helps to take some of the pressure off you when meeting new people (as you’re not thinking, “What should I say?”).
  • While it is important to have a great conversation starter to guarantee that your interactions go well, it is a bad idea to rely on it as your only way to talk to people. Having other various topics to talk about is just as important.
  • Using the same conversation starter for every interaction is okay but it can get boring and make you a one trick pony.

Conversation Starters to Avoid

The ia a simple rule to remember (especially when it comes to dating):

Be interesting and avoid boring or contentious (religion, politics, etc.) topics

So this means you need to avoid boring topics, which are basically anything that is overly logical as well as any topics that often bring out a negative reaction in people.

Specific topics to avoid when choosing a good conversation starter are:
-The weather
-Current economic climate
-Foreign Policy

Obviously there are exceptions, but more often than not, these topics lead to boring, dull conversations that don’t allow people to see how interesting you really are.

Good Conversation Starters to use right now!

This first one is obvious (and has many simple variations), but most people are polite and want to meet others. On top of this most people are far more worried about what you think of them than what they think of you.

1. Hey guys, I’m [insert your name].

2. Hey guys, did you see who won [insert latest local sporting event]?

3. Hey guys, I have to ask you something, what is up with [insert celebrity such as Jennifer Aniston]. How many people has he/she been dating in the last year?

4. Hey guys, this party/event is great, how do all know each other?

5. Hey guys, i have to get your opinion on something
[Then ask a qustion about something relevent to the person/group, so if they are younger it can be something about a celebrity and if they are a little older then it can be about something such as a local scandal].

Just remember that having a great conversation starter is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s important to move away from it if you can see that it’s boring people.

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