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Funny Conversation Starters

So you need some funny conversation starters to pick up a girl?. If you think being funny is the key, then think again. You need to be funny, sexual and smooth. Click here to find out how.

(Note: If you’re lazy and just want the lines then skip down a few paragraphs and you’ll find them there.)

The purpose of a using an amusing topic for starting a conversation is to 3 fold:

  • To break the ice (ie to actually get you into a conversation)
  • To hook the interest of the girl/guy you are trying to attract or seduce.
  • To start on a high note (remember, first impressions count for a lot!)

Realize that surprise is your ally when coming up with funny conversation starters. Using expressions like, “Oh my god!”, “You will never believe what just happened” or “Guess who I just saw” are fantastic ways of suprising and grabbing a girl/guy’s attention at the beginning of a conversation. They immediately hook the attention of the person you are trying to chat up as well as breaking the ice with them.

The next thing is what you actually say. Some people only use prepared topics. Others think of what to say ‘in the moment’.

The best advice I can give you is to use what works best! If you are happier to use the same line over and over again to start a conversation, then use it. Same goes for being ‘in the moment’ and coming up with funny conversation starters when you need them.

A lot of people who have prepared conversation topics and starters, also have a story to go with the line they use.

So if you start a conversation with,

“Oh my god, did you see those two girls outside kicking that guy’s ass?”

or with,

“You’ll never believe what just happened, I was coming to the party and found $50 on the ground, but I had to give it back”

it’s pretty important that you have a follow up story to go with them.

However some people like to use funny conversation starters that refer to the situation at hand,

“Oh my god, I was going to wear that same dress, lucky I didn’t” (said by a guy to a girl is pretty hilarious and almost guaranteed a laugh).

One way a lot of people deliver their opening line and make it funny is by using a sort of mock seriousness (being almost ironic) like Ron Burgundy would from the movie Anchorman.

So if you want some example lines to use, try these

1. “Oh my god! You must be a parking ticket because you got fine written all over you.”

2. “You’ll never guess what I just saw, 2 girls fighting over some guy! They were pulling each others hair and everything!”

3. “Hey guys, is it normal to see guys dressed as girls in this neighborhood? Because I just saw…..”

4. “How come I’ve been standing here all night and you still haven’t talked to me?”

“Oh my god, I was going to wear that same dress (pointing to her dress), lucky I didn’t.”

6. “You look like the only cool person in the bar worth talking to…(pause)…so great, now we’re talking.”

7. “Is it me or is there someone very cute talking to you?”

8. “Oh my god, I saw the craziest thing on my way over here, some guy walking in front of me stole this cup of change from a beggar. Crazy, huh?”

If you think these lines were good, you should check out how to make small talk sexy. It will teach you everything you need to know to arouse and turn on a woman.

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